This is how the influencers reacted to the leaking of the intimate video of Dani Duke and La Liendra

Photo taken from Instagram @daniduke
Photo taken from Instagram @daniduke

Frequently Dani Duke and The Liendra They are among the media for multiple topics: The way they manage their courtship, their trips, their luxuries, their work as content creators/influencers, in short. However, from this Monday, February 21, they sounded again here and there, but because of an intimate video that was leaked to them: in the images they are seen having sexual relations.

“I have always been open about my sexuality and have shared on several occasions how much I enjoy it, so I don’t see why they would be surprised to see a couple in one of their intimate moments. It is not a situation that I would have wanted, but neither is it something that can be changed. They violated my privacy and legal action is already being taken because no human being owns the privacy of another”, was part of what Duke wrote on the subject from his Instagram Stories.

Dani Duke's response after what happened with the intimate video with La Liendra
Dani Duke’s response after what happened with the intimate video with La Liendra

For its part, La Liendra also put the issue on the table in their respective social networks. Then, in a video she commented, among other things: “… It is a video that we had for the two of us, of our intimacy… A malicious person… what he did was take my girlfriend’s cell phone, take the video and leak it on social networks. I don’t understand how much hate a person can have on him… to do what he did, but it’s something that has already happened and we have to face it.”

La Liendra talked about the intimate video with Dani Duke that was leaked

However, beyond the couple themselves, other figures from the world of social networks also wanted to express their thoughts and feelings regarding the leaking of this video of sexual content, for example, Epa Colombia. The influencer and businesswoman asked not to criticize Dani Duke and explained her reasons, however, the Bogotan did not leave out speaking, from her usual humorous tone, about La Liendra.

Epa Colombia thinks of the intimate video that leaked from Dani Duke and La Liendra

For its part, to Yina Calderon He was also seen in defense of Duke and, in the same way, he spoke without mincing words – as they say colloquially – about La Liendra and his intimate parts. “Between women we cannot throw each other, all of us at some point in our lives have put something in our mouths… that is not a taboo, it is an intimate relationship between a man and a woman. That’s the bad thing is that they start recording themselves and you can’t record anymore because look what happens… La Liendra, all Chicanero in the videos I measured her, I don’t know how much with I don’t know how much… she has Dani Duke holding on hunger, is what leaves me surprised”.

As to Nicholas Arrieta, the influencer has realized his critical position regarding other colleagues. In this case, for example, when he referred to this intimate video of La Liendra and Dni Duke, he spoke of the word filter, making, in turn, a gesture between quotation marks.

Aida Victoria Merlano, as he has done with different topics, gave a more analytical perspective on the matter. Now, in this story, she talked about how the value of a woman is not lost by the leak of an intimate video.

“Telling people not to share it or not to see it is impossible because that will always arouse people’s morbidity, but what we can do is stop grabbing a woman’s sexual morality and humiliate her in the way we we do. The life of a woman does not end with an intimate video because it is simply one facet that does not cancel out the others… the intimate video of a woman does not annul her intelligence, berra or businesswoman. It’s just an unfortunate situation that doesn’t change her worth as a woman.”.

The Liendra can constantly receive multiple gifts from their partner, their friends, family or fans. However, everything that is sports content and, even more so if it is related to Cristiano Ronaldo (Portuguese soccer player), will be an excellent gift for the content creator, this in view of his fanaticism for soccer and especially for CR7.

In fact, on Friday, February 18, Mauricio Gómez (influencer’s first name) gave an account of the gift or, rather, of the gift that Danibet (Daniel Martínez) sent him, an influencer focused mainly on sports betting. What was it about? Well, from a private box for the Atlético de Madrid vs Manchester United match, in Spain (Madrid). Event that has a date set in the calendar for its completion on February 23, as part of the Champions League.

In this way, these days La Liendra and Dani Duke are in Spain.


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This is how the influencers reacted to the leaking of the intimate video of Dani Duke and La Liendra