This is the fortune Meghan Markle invests in beauty treatments

Meghan stays pretty and radiant by spending a lot of money on beauty (Photo by Angela Weiss / AFP) (Photo by ANGELA WEISS / AFP via Getty Images)

Prince Harry’s wife was already famous before meeting him but it is undeniable that Meghan Markle is today known worldwide thanks to her wedding with the ‘royal’ of the United Kingdom. If before, due to his television work, it was due to his physique, now this has multiplied.

It was Meghan herself who told Oprah Winfrey that the press constantly harassed her and that implies that, especially the yellow tabloids, are created with the right to comment on her physique, her outfits or even her acne.

That is why Markle spends a fortune on beauty treatments according to the magazine ‘Hello’. We are talking about € 50,000 invested in her face and body to always look radiant despite the fatigue of her second motherhood.

Meghan’s training is not suitable for ordinary people and a session of ‘Megaformer’, a high intensity Pilates modality, requires a machine that is worth no less than € 26,000. Of course, you can also attend sessions that cost € 1,200 in packs of 12, which are the ones that are usually done in a month.

The former Duchess of Sussex also invests a lot of money in her facial beauty products, and since her sister-in-law, Kate Middleton, taught her her Beauty Sleep Elixir, she also uses it. The price of the bottle is close to € 55 and yes she spends approximately four bottles a year, which is already 220 euros, which she adds to her beauty routine.

But the elixir that calms your face is applied after a deep exfoliation of the same and for it uses a mixture of enzyme in rice powder Tatcha, which is also around 55 euros, a year, another € 220 counting four bags.

Of course, before your move to the US, was working on her face with Nichola Joss, who was costing her about € 550 per month for her services and products (about € 6,600 per year). Joss performed specific treatments such as a facial reshaping that redefines and sculpts the face at his London location. In addition to ‘miracle’ creams, Meghan also did facial exercises with Nichola to keep her facial muscles active and toned.

Vitamins are also important and taking care of yourself on the inside is noticeable on the outside. To do this, Markle opts for a green juice that she drinks daily and that is prepared with the Vitamix, the famous blender. In an interview with ‘Today’ she herself admitted that she was trying to give up coffee and change it for those children of vegetables and fruits that she has in the morning and in the middle of the afternoon. The purchase and the Vitamix are worth about € 400.

Another strong point for the body are probiotics to avoid symptoms such as bloating or slow digestion due to stress or lack of routine due to travel, work, etc., as is the case with Meg. Gut health is paramount and she take two daily probiotics whose bottle of 60 capsules costs € 41, which is € 368 per year.

Another treatment Meghan has undergone for years with Ross Barr is acupuncture. She goes to see him once a week and the session usually lasts about 45 minutes. The price of the sum of all these annual sessions reaches € 7,400.

In addition to all this, like any good celebrity worth its salt, Meghan has her own personal trainer, Craig McNamee who has helped her since she was on the series ‘Suits’ to keep her body in shape. He is the founder of the California health center ‘Catalyst Health’ and charges € 5,300 a year for two hours a week, in a continuous session or in two of an hour.

Last but not least, Markle attends therapy sessions that take care of and protect her mental health, which has been badly damaged since her time in the monarchy as she herself has admitted. The aforementioned media does not know the specific professional they go to but calculates that the average weekly session costs 215 euros so, per year going once a week to the specialist, we are talking about 11,150 euros.

The luxury treatments, products and professionals that Meghan Markle goes to justify the increased price of her annual spending on beauty and is that the lives of celebrities ‘forces’ them to always stay beautiful, normative and as young as possible. Sad but true.

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This is the fortune Meghan Markle invests in beauty treatments