This is the house to which Mariana Levy’s son moved after being run by ‘El Pirru’

Joseph Emilio, who is the son of the deceased Mariana Levi and of Jose Maria Fernandez ‘El Pirru’, announced in an interview that he decided to break all ties with his father, after he kicked him out of the house they shared in Cuernavaca, Morelos.

He confessed this in an exclusive talk he had with the Mexican program ‘Ventaneando’, where He detailed that the relationship with his father is more than broken, to such an extent that he has not heard from him for months.

“The relationship was broken. We split up and I don’t know anything about him anymore, what he does, or anything. I’m fine like that, I don’t have any problems, everything happens for a reason,” confessed the young man, who now lives in his grandmother’s house, the great Talina Fernandez, who received him with open arms, just as he did at the time with Paula.

“I spoke to him and told him: ‘This, this and this happened. Can I go live with you?’ and he told me: ‘Yes, come’. I’ve been here for a little while and I’m super happy, ”José Emilio shared.

In addition to having the doors open to the her grandmother’s home in Mexico City, Paula’s and Maria’s brother shared that they also Ana Bárbara offered him a bed in her house in California, but decided to reject the invitation, because first he wants to finish his studies and start an acting career.

“Ana Bárbara told me: ‘Come, I’ll invite you’, but I don’t like the United States”, confessed the handsome young man, who is more than grateful to ‘La Reina Grupera’, because he has been aware of him and his sisters since they were children, something that, perhaps, would no longer correspond to him.

What is the house in which José Emilio Fernández Levy currently lives like?

José Emilio has lived in the house that has belonged to his grandmother for 43 years.

During a tour she gave to the magazine ¡HELLO!, ‘The lady of the good saying’ showed off the great taste she has for nature and art, even still keeping a very expensive swan that the late Emilio gave her. Azcárraga Milmo, who owned Televisa.

It also has some portraits and a golden Angel of Independence, considered one of the most emblematic monuments of the Mexican capital.

In addition to its pieces of art, his mansion also stands out for its arches, its pillars and its antique furniture combined with modern ones.

In the tour he gave, he showed his dining room, a space that has a rustic-style rectangular table, as well as a piece of furniture and a shelf with various photographs of his family.

He also showed off his living room, which is made up of a peach-colored sofa with cushions with the image of elephants, a beige armchair, a chocolate-colored coffee table with various decorative items and side tables with their respective lamps.

In your room you also have a fireplace and a window with spectacular views of your garden.

The terrace is one of the spaces that Talina Fernández enjoys the most, as it allows her to get in touch with nature and with Mariana, who visits her in the form of a hummingbird.

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This is the house to which Mariana Levy’s son moved after being run by ‘El Pirru’