This is the relationship between Carolina de Monaco and the son of Ernesto de Hannover faced with his father

The latest images of Ernesto de Hannover show him as a teenager in love with Claudia Stilianopoulos, daughter of the remembered Pitita Ridruego. An unexpected romance that could affect the situation of Carolina de Monaco, to whom he is still married despite the fact that they separated their lives more than a decade ago. One of the reasons they have not signed the divorce has to do with the eldest sons of the German prince, Christian and Ernst August. Precisely the latter, his first-born and heir, maintains a very hard confrontation with his father and they will face each other in court on November 25. Does this lack of understanding also extend to the still wife of Ernesto de Hannover?

Carolina de Monaco is left without a husband and without a position in the Principality

The answer is overwhelming: not at all. Although Carolina de Mónaco stays out of the conflict, it is well known that her relationship with her daughter Alejandra’s brothers is excellent. So much so that years ago reached a pact with them to protect the family heritage and, therefore, she never divorced her husband. According to the magazine Bunte, that the previous marriage would officially prevent Ernest of Hannover from being able to designate another heir in case of having a child with another wife. This transfer could be feasible since the head of the Hannover house did not give his consent for the ‘yes, I want’ of his eldest son, an assumption contemplated in the law that regulates it.

Ernst August from Hannover married Ekaterina Malysheva in 2017 and it was just before the marriage of his eldest son, who of course he did not attend, when his father openly declared war on him with harsh statements to the newspaper Handesblatt where he assured that he feared that the couple would squander the family fortune and that he had given his heir an ultimatum to return all the gifts received since 2004, including the spectacular Marienburg Castle and other properties distributed between Germany and Austria. The Prince did not want to recognize either his grandson August, almost two years old, as the legitimate heir. The still husband of Carolina de Monáco then undertook a personal and judicial battle to regain control of the family assets, including the Austrian hunting ground where he had the last few problems with the police.


All the loves of Ernest of Hannover

If with Christian and Alejandra he managed to recover part of the lost time after spending several years apart, with his first-born the relationship is not only null, but the courts will be in charge of settling his affairs. The three brothers, however, are very close despite the fact that they reside in different countries and also they maintain a great friendship with Carolina de Monaco’s children: Carlota, Andrea and Pierre Casiraghi. Both they and their wives have coincided in recent months at numerous weddings and the good harmony between them is palpable. It should be remembered that while Ernesto de Hannover decided not to attend the wedding of his eldest son, he did all the children of Princess Carolina were accompanying him.


Now, when it seems that life smiles at the head of the Guelph house, excited about Claudia Stilianopoulos and close to his son Christian and his grandchildren, he has to face the bitter confrontation that he maintains with his heir, to which he claims the historical properties of the family that he donated between 2004 and 2007 and accuses of trying to take control of the fortune of the Hannover house behind his back by carrying out his dismissal as president of the foundation Duke of Cumberland relative, a position he transferred to the defendant in 2012, and planning the donation of the Marienburg palace to the German state of Lower Saxony, against his will. With no known supporters in this battle, Ernest of Hannover will face his first-born son at the Hannover Regional Court, since the hearing requires the presence of both in the room, on November 25.

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This is the relationship between Carolina de Monaco and the son of Ernesto de Hannover faced with his father