This is the roll: María Gabriela Rico, Amanda Dudamel, Manuel “Coco” Sosa and Luis Olavarrieta


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LONG TIME I had Miss Venezuela, without leaving locals and strangers satisfied with the final results of an election. And that feat was achieved by Amanda Dudamel, last Thursday, October 28, who was crowned the new sovereign of national beauty. His triumph has been unquestionable, although there has been one or another resentful who has tried to tarnish it with comments made in the heat of disagreement. Now the young woman from Merida, 21 years old, the eldest daughter of Rafael Dudamel, the Deportivo de Cali technical director, is preparing to face another challenge, which is to win the eighth Miss Universe crown in the 71st edition that will take place in December 2022 And Amanda Dudamel has everything to succeed in this great commitment to give a new international beauty title to the country. “Reinforcing everything that I have to improve and evolve; we are going to obtain a great result in the Miss Universe”, declared the beauty.

TO MIDDLE of the month, Luiseth Materán will travel to Israel to join the previous Miss Universe 2021 agenda. As is well known, the 70th start of the contest will take place on December 13 at the Israel Yam hotel, in the city of Elian Due to the time difference, it will be televised for the Western Hemisphere during the night of December 12. Our representative, who on July 2 was handpicked by the Venevisión board of directors (and not by the Miss Venezuela organization) in a special event, broadcast on the Portada’s program, has had a fairly intense preparation, in order to to become the successor of Andrea Meza, whose reign has been one of the shortest in the history of the contest. Let us remember that the Mexican was crowned on May 16 of this year.

VERY HAPPY to join the Televen staff, ex-MISS María Gabriela Rico manifests herself. Graduated from the ranks of the Nuestra Belleza Venezuela 2018 contest, where, on behalf of the Capital District, she obtained second place, the 24-year-old also graduated in Social Communication, will be able to be seen in the different broadcasts of El Noticiero and from 9 am at Lo Actual, where he will fill the vacancy left by Charyl Chacón, who resigned from the program last week. “I am going to be a sponge to absorb all that knowledge and thus also benefit as a team, so that Lo Actual continues to grow more and more”, said Rico when accepting the proposal of the “Channel of the red ball”, where it came after through of a casting. “I was not expecting the call, I was just happy with the fact that they took me into account to do the casting and from there to stay, it was a super dream event,” he concluded.


WITHOUT ANY roll, Joselin Rodríguez, who has been away from the media noise for some time, declared in the program “How to live as a couple and not die trying” to have suffered domestic violence by her ex-husband, Franco Lauricella, whom she married in September 2014. “He was a person with certain attacks of violence, both verbal and physical, and he needed professional help, ”said the former driver of La Bomba. Rodríguez, lasted just three years married to the businessman of Italian origin, from whom she separated in 2017 due to the explosive character of her former partner. “I felt that my life was in danger, because he no longer controlled his anger, “he said. Rodríguez even suspected Lauricella’s infidelity with an actress from Venevisión. Today they maintain some contact and said that her ex-husband has received psychological help

THE SCANDAL That regained strength a few days ago, made Laura Zapata turn to social networks to come out in defense of her sister Thalía, who has been branded a lesbian after Yolanda Andrade revealed that she had had a “current pass” with the singer, Today happily married to record mogul Tommy Mottola. “Toxic, harmful, bad entrails”, were some of the qualifiers that the actress put on the Mexican entertainer, who for some time now has been given the task of “leaving on the street” well-known stars of the Aztec show, with whom he claims to have maintained intimate relationships. Verónica Castro and Lorena Meritano are on her list. Now it was the turn of the interpreter of “Arrasando”. Yolanda Andrade threatened to sue Laura Zapata.

THE INDUSTRY national film is going about “long tablecloths” with the celebration of excellent news: The selection of “A flash in the interior” in the category of Best Foreign Language Film at the Oscar 2022. A statement from the National Association of Cinematographic Authors ( ANAC), in addition to recognizing the work of its creators (the brothers Andrés Eduardo and Luis Rodríguez) expressed the following: “The creative desire continues to be the dominant characteristic in our cinema, which, above all circumstances, perseveres in its exercise of freedom of creation ”. The Creole film has been awarded in important international events and last week it was awarded as Best Film and Best Actress Director, at the Bogotá International Film Festival (Bogocine) held from October 20 to 28, 2021, in the Colombian city .


* Miss Miranda, Selene Delgado should be well advised if she intends to represent the country in any international competition. Her role in the last Miss Venezuela election was quite painful.

* Jason Momoa, tested positive for Covid-19, during the filming of the sequel to “Aquaman” in England, according to the British newspaper ‘The Sun’. The company that produced the film, suspended filming.

*Erika Schwarzgruber was branded as ridiculous, after share with your followers some photos in which you show your breasts, in order to promote the detection of breast cancer among women. The grace came out in morisqueta.

*Andrea Romero, who obtained the second place in the last election of Miss Hispanoamericana 2021, declared to feel very bad for not having won said crown. He said he hadn’t done a good job. She is a graduate of the By Osmel Contest.


* Manuel “Coco” Sosa he would have been seen in Los Roques, enjoying desirable female company. The girl would be the home designer Claudia Torelli.

* Alba Roversi has earned all the glories by showing off on the networks as a delivery girl in Las Vegas. The actress is one of those who thinks that “work disgraces.”

* Luis Olavarrieta was very well placed during his brief participation in the Miss Venezuela 2021 edition. Venevisión should take him into account for other responsibilities in front of the camera.

* Vanessa Coello has her bags ready to go to Thailand where the Miss Grand International 2021 election will take place. The beautiful dentist says she feels good vibes.

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This is the roll: María Gabriela Rico, Amanda Dudamel, Manuel “Coco” Sosa and Luis Olavarrieta