This is the roll: Vanessa Coello, Don Omar, Patricia Zavala and Chyno

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THE FORECASTS They failed in the case of Vanessa Coello, who on Saturday, December 4, did not receive the blessing of Santa Barbara in the final of Miss Grand International 2021, whose ninth edition took place at the DC Hall Show in the city of Bangkok, Thailand . Despite the impact caused by her presence in the beauty pageant and the excellent performance she had during the competition, the Creole representative did not make it past the top 10. Finally, the jury decided to give the crown to the Vietnamese Nguyen Thuc Thuy Tien. However, Coello will not return to Caracas empty-handed, as he received several proposals from major modeling agencies. Will you leave dentistry to dedicate yourself head-on to modeling?


THE POSTER confirmed for the show that will be presented on the final night of Miss World 2021, it will be made up of Don Omar, Víctor Manuelle, Gente de Zona and Pedro Capó, accompanied by the Symphony Orchestra directed by Angel López. According to the show’s producer, Francisco “Paco” López, this will be, after the Billboards Awards, the largest event that has ever been mounted at the José Miguel Agrelot Coliseum in San Juan, Puerto Rico, where this December 16 will take place. 70th edition of the important beauty contest. That night, the Venezuelan Alejandra Conde will do the rest to win the crown that the Jamaican Toni-An Singh won in 2019. It would be the seventh for our country.

THE WATER again. And as he commented to various media, this time it will be forever. With that promise, Marjorie de Sousa revealed to People en Español magazine her marriage plans with her current boyfriend, the Mexican businessman Vicente Uribe, with whom she has been in romantic relationships for a year. The Venezuelan actress comes from facing two marital failures. The first with Ricardo Alamo with whom she was married from 2004 to 2006 and the second, -more traumatic- with the Argentine actor Julián Gil, father of her only son. “They are super in love and want to form a solid family,” a source told Mayamera magazine.


FIRST TIME that Chyno Miranda publicly admits his affair with Daymar Mora. And he did so during an interview on La Nave Podcast hosted by the Venezuelan influencer Marko, in which his partner Yohanna Vargas asked the singer if he had a new partner. And without hesitation he replied: “Yes, it is here.” In this way, the Venezuelan vocalist, who little by little has reactivated his artistic agenda, left the mystery that was woven around this romance that he kept hidden and that exploded after his separation from Natasha Araos. “He no longer hides anything … and he shows off with the young model, who does not care about her dark past,” said a source close to Chyno Miranda.

NAME of Gerardo Fernández, Vicente Fernández’s second son, is mentioned in the book “El Último Rey”, (Unauthorized Biography of “Charro de Huentitán), written by Olga Wornat, who assures that Alejandro Fernández’s brother, would have maintained ties with drug trafficking and that he was even responsible for the kidnapping of Vicente Fernández Jr. “I have testimonies from people, I accessed the files, testimonies from family and friends who know him. I got to have the sources of Gerardo’s relationships with boss Nacho Coronel, assassinated in 2010 ”, assured Wornat. The Fernández family denied such allegations. “You will have to prove what you wrote,” Vicente Fernández Jr. said.


SOMETHING AWAY of animation, Patricia Zavala continues to insist on singing. And so he presents his EP with five iconic Christmas songs, such as Happy Xmas “,” All I want for Christmas is you “,” Santa Baby “,” Santa Claus came to town “and” Merry Christmas “, which As of this December 10, it will be available on all music platforms and will be distributed worldwide by Ricardo Montaner’s “Made by hand” company and in Venezuela together with the Sky Music Group work team. “There were many options when choosing what to sing, but the idea was always to reinvent without detaching ourselves from the original versions,” said Zavala.


*Daniel sarcos He was harshly attacked on social networks for showing his new image, after losing 20 kg. The animator looks very thin and his followers did not like that.

* 50 Cent She apologized to Madonna for making fun of her on her Instagram account. The rapper vest the “Queen of Pop” and in one of his photos wrote that she wanted to be a virgin later at age 63.

*Juan Jose Rodriguez, known as El Puma Jr, reappeared to stick his noses in the eternal roll of The Rodríguez Morillo sisters with his famous father. This man has always sought publicity at the artist’s expense.

* Karol G It seems that he does not want anything with Anuel AA, although the regatonero tried a reconciliation when he appeared at his concert in Puerto Rico. She is now entangled with Feid, at whom she pouts.


*Britney Spears She reached 40 and celebrated with her fiancé Sam Asgharin. He also toasted because after 13 years under the tutelage of his father, the pop star celebrated his first free birthday.

* Melany Mille she would be expecting her first child from Nacho. She has not confirmed it but the fledgling belly that she showed recently confirms the rumors that she is pregnant.

* Norkys Batista ready to start the national tour of the theater piece “Orgasmo” in which he is accompanied by the model and singer Xavier Muñoz.

* Diveana he put the Mexicans in his pocket. The merenguera was in the Aztec capital where she made several personal presentations. “Los manitos” danced to their songs.

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This is the roll: Vanessa Coello, Don Omar, Patricia Zavala and Chyno