This is the treatment of the famous to get a flash effect and a good face immediately on the red carpet (and it is also anti-aging)

The 94th edition of the
Oscar awards in which Hollywood rewards the great productions of the year. But we all know that not only is that what matters to us, but that we are attentive to the
outfits and the faces of our favorite celebrities, who do their best to appear on the lists of the
best dressed. The largest prepare hours and even days before the big event, with
treatments What
the anti-fatigue patches that triumphed in the Goya or different
facials with whom to illuminate your skin. And what do the greats of interpretation like
Kate Winslet or Kristen Stewart? That both coincide in their way of achieving it: the treatment
hydrafacialbecause it oxygenates, detoxifies, purifies and hydrates the skin immediately.

It is a
dermabrasion which is performed on wet skin so that the suffering of it is eliminated. Thanks to its Vortex-Fusion technology,
blow air or vacuum the skindepending on the treatment phase, to drain, cleanse and exfoliate, perform a
peeling and extract impurities, and facilitate the penetration of powerful antioxidant, regenerating and moisturizing serums. “With the particularity that the air in these heads spins at very high speed, as if it were a tornado, and thus breaks the molecules of the active ingredients into tiny particles so that they penetrate the skin more easily,” says the surgeon and aesthetic doctor
Virtues Ruiz.

The first phase is that of
sewer system. To do this, the skin is gently suctioned to detoxify and eliminate toxins. Then begins the cleaning and exfoliation thanks to the use of the
lactic acid and Activ-4 Glucosamine. The second phase is that of
peeling. This is another slightly more aggressive suction to remove dirt from the pores. Acids such as
glycolic and salicylic, and honey extract. The third phase is
hydration and regeneration. In this case, air is blown that breaks the active ingredients into tiny molecules that are easy to penetrate into the deepest layers of the skin. Powerful antioxidants are applied,
peptides and hyaluronic acid.

Mary Vincent, a cosmetic medical surgeon, this treatment “oxygenates, detoxifies, deep cleanses and hydrates the skin. And it has a wonderful flash effect and good face. leave the skin
juicy, fresh and bright, as it causes the formation of new collagen and elastin -essential substances for skin youth. It also offers very good results in the treatment of acne, rosacea,
expression lines and sunspots.

Experts recommend doing
three sessions with a month of separation between each of them, but it can also be done
a single session before some special event, as we suppose these actresses will have done. You already know, if tonight on the red carpet, you see that the skin of the actresses shines with a special light, in treatment
hydrafacial is to blame.

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This is the treatment of the famous to get a flash effect and a good face immediately on the red carpet (and it is also anti-aging)