This is what Pablo Montero looks like impersonating Vicente Fernández

This is what Pablo Montero looks like impersonating Vicente Fernandez


Pablo Montero will be Vicente Fernández on the small screen.

The first photographs of the actor came to light Paul Montero impersonating the deceased Mexican singer Vicente Fernandez, in the bioseries produced by Televisa, based on the controversial book by Olga Wornat, “The Last King”.

In the photograph, Montero appears with the same haircut that Vicente Fernández used during his youth, in addition to the mustache and sideburns that characterized him, making him look very similar to Fernández, better known as “El Charro de Huentitán.”

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Although Pablo Montero has not spoken about this new project, it has already sparked controversy, because the story that will reach the small screen will tell a very different version of the life of don Chente and the Fernández dynasty.

These rumors arise from the link that Pablo Montero has with the family. According to the magazine TV NotesMontero would have been selected for the role for being an actor and singer, facets that the interpreter also developed throughout his life. Other factors that supposedly influenced was the great bond of friendship between Montero and the deceased singer.

According to the magazine, Pablo Montero feels great appreciation for don Chente and his wife María del Refugio Abarca, also known as Cuquita. Supposedly, the Mexican singer who immortalized the song “El rey” and his wife would have been godparents of Oliver Montero, Pablo’s brother, so their link would have been very close.

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Televisa has not given many details about the series Nor confirmed the participation of Montero in the production. was the journalist Gustavo Adolfo Infante Who released the photos? In turn, he compared the snapshots of Jaime Camil as Don Chente in the series prepared by Netflix, this being the story authorized by the Fernández family.

Jaime Camil will be Vicente Fernández in an authorized series

Mexican actor Jaime Camil will be in charge of personifying Vicente Fernandez in the series produced by Netflix together with Caracol TV about the singer’s life, which will be the authorized version, even Vicente Fernández himself would have participated in some of the meetings with the platform and had written part of the chapters of his life. Let us remember that Gerardo Fernández, son of Vicente Fernández, was the one who approved that these two great companies will bring the life of the Mexican interpreter to the screen.

“The Last King” unauthorized story

Since the idea of ​​​​Televisa to produce a bioseries of Vicente Fernández arose, this caused a lot of internal commotion due to direct conversations with the same interpreter, who was not convinced of what they wanted to portray and made the decision to cede all rights to Netflix. . For its part, the television station decided to buy the rights to an unauthorized biography of the singer.

“The last king” book by the Argentine author Olga Wornat, it will be the story that Vicente Fernandez’s life will tell and is not authorized by said family, this biography will reach the small screen by Televisa and will recount sensitive issues such as family fights over the singer’s inheritance as well as some alleged links of some members of the Fernández dynasty with drug trafficking.

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This is what Pablo Montero looks like impersonating Vicente Fernández