This was the incredible debut of Jacky Bracamontes as a dancer

Undoubtedly, Jacky Bracamontes has become one of the most beloved celebrities on television. And it is that in addition to her great expensive and incomparable beauty, Jacky has proven to be a very talented woman, which is why she has won the hearts of her audience thanks to her endearing soap opera characters and to the programs in which she has served as presenter. However, this weekend the actress has shown that, in addition to driving and acting, she also she is a very talented dancer, by surprising everyone with a spectacular dance number with which she opened the final gala of the reality show that she hosted This is how you dance, leaving more than one with their mouths open thanks to his skills on the court.



Clad in a gold fringed minidress, with which she looked the most beautiful, Jacky took over the dance floor with her steps, showing that she has a lot of talent and rhythm to do it. But Jacky was not alone on stage, because next to her were also her companions from the show, Mariana seoane and Adamari Lopez, who accompanied the beautiful tapatia in her choreography, in which she had the help of her co-host Carlos Adyan, who was her dance partner for this number.

Throughout the week, Jacky had already anticipated that he would perform on the dance floor. This is how you dance with a very special number, so she did not hesitate to show details of the rehearsals, where she could be seen very committed to her role as a dancer. And it is also that the presenter was very excited to be able to appear on the dance floor, because she had never done something like it, so this show turned out to be her first time. “Ready for my debut as a dancer (30 seconds) in #AsiSeBaila!“Bracamontes expressed on Instagram while showing off his incredible outfit with which he surprised everyone.

Although, Jacky’s debut as a dancer turned out to be a success, the truth is that the actress initially hesitated to do so, although already in rehearsals and at the end of her presentation she was delighted with what she had achieved. “It was difficult for me to accept dancing … but I confess that I loved the experience!“Said the protagonist of soap operas such as Las tontas no van al cielo in a publication she made on her Instagram profile.

Jacky’s incredible looks for the final of ‘Así se baila’

But if the beautiful Guadalajara did not disappoint on the dance floor, neither did it with the incredible looks that she showed during the final gala of the Telemundo reality show, where she was seen as beautiful as ever. Following the style of the dress in which she appeared on the dance floor, Jacky opted for a beautiful gold evening design from Giannina Azar With which she looked perfect and ad hoc for the occasion, complementing her outfit with accessories in the same tone as the dress and wearing her hair down with light waves at the ends. But that was not the only look with which she struck during the night, because in a second change the presenter wore a style that was just as elegant as her previous one but a little more sexy. For this occasion, Jacky impressed with a red KRIADO dress with a halter neck and an avertuara at the height of the legs, wearing her hair in a low bun and complementing her outfit with silver accessories by Charlie Lapson.


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This was the incredible debut of Jacky Bracamontes as a dancer