This was the last hours of life of Octavio Ocaña, the actor from Neighbors

The 22-year-old died last Friday, October 29 in the State of Mexico, north of the Mexican capital. The news has shocked to the world of entertainment. Many celebrities turned to social networks on Saturday 30 to show their surprise and express their condolences.


How were the last hours of Octavio Ocaña’s life?

Until now, few are the official data that is known about what happened before the actor appeared inside an apparently crashed truck, bloodied and with police around him.

The official version, issued by the Attorney General’s Office of the State of Mexico, indicates that Octavio Ocaña, and two subjects who accompanied him (and who were arrested), “had been with him in recent days. consuming alcohol“.

According to the authority and the testimony of the men who were with the artist, minutes before what happened they were walking “through the streets of the municipality of Cuautitlán Izcalli.” Until now, it is unknown Where they came from or where they were going. It is also not known when was the last time that the artist he saw his fiancee, Nerea Godínez.


Police urged Octavio Ocaña to stop

Apparently, Ocaña was behind the wheel and the municipal policemen “had stopped them and (he) sped up to avoid being arrested, which started a chase “. According to the Prosecutor’s Office, the actor “he was carrying a firearm”, which he took out of the glove compartment. In the pursuit, he lost control and “crashed on the side of the road” on the Chamapa-Lechería highway, near the Prados Iztacala neighborhood, in Atizapán de Zaragoza.

There, Ocaña had a “head injury”. It is assured that there was no shooting. This version coincides with the one issued by the municipal government of Cuautitlán Izcalli. In a statement, the municipal authority gave additional information regarding what would have been the last minutes of Octavio Ocaña’s life.

The persecution arose because the policemen “attended the report that there were some people aboard a gray Jeep truck carrying a firearm.” The information card issued by the municipality also details that after the apparent impact of the vehicle, the actor “still he was alive“.

“Immediately the support of the Civil Protection emergency units was requested, who provided him with first aid and transferred him to the Lomas Verdes hospital, where moments later he lost his life“.


Videos raise doubts about the last moments of Octavio Ocaña’s life

In social networks and some media, some videos captured by security cameras and people showing certain moments of what happened have been shown. In some, the apparent persecution between Octavio Ocaña’s truck and the police is observed.

But there is one, also shown in Wake up America on Sunday, in which the actor is seen inside the truck, bloodied, with his head down and a cap on top of it. He is seen moving a little and even puts his right hand towards his head, without carrying any weapon, which confirms that he was still alive when he was found inside the vehicle.

What has not been released so far is a video of the moment of the impact on the Chamapa-Lechería highway. A photo that circulates in networks shows the actor’s torso in which his right hand is seen and does not bring any weapon. In another photo, the gun is already being held by his right hand, which has raised doubts about it.


Who are the men who were with Octavio Ocaña?

With the video released where he is still seen alive inside the car, not only internet users have questioned the version of the Attorney General’s Office of the State of Mexico, which indicates that the actor would have removed the weapon from the glove compartment and that’s why he held it in his hands, but his dad also has his reservations.

“Do not ask me about weapons because that does not exist, those are things that they invented, of course it was something sown“Octavio Pérez, father of Octavio Ocaña, told media such as Wake up America. He also denied that the actor had ingested alcohol or drugs.

Pérez confirmed that the two men traveling with his son they were people who “looked after” him: “He had someone to take care of him and they are the ones who bring a weapon.” Of the few data that he was able to give about what would have happened before Ocaña died, he mentioned that the two people who were under the young man’s care accompanied him to “do” some “things” before the tragedy occurred. He did not specify which ones.

“They came with him, they are friends of mine and they took care of him, nothing more than were doing other things and you know how crime is here, because when they weren’t taking care of it they were other people, my people, and the truth had to be that way, “he mentioned.

This statement contrasts with an unofficial version that points out that the men were alleged assailants who tried to rob Octavio Ocaña. The police would have been suspicious and supposedly that started the persecution. It is expected that this Sunday, October 31, the body of Octavio Ocaña will be transferred to his native Tabasco, his father told the media.

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This was the last hours of life of Octavio Ocaña, the actor from Neighbors