This will be the luxurious and mysterious wedding of Ricardo Montaner’s son that everyone talks about – La Vibra

This year seems to be filled with many celebrations for the Montaner family. On Saturday Ricky Montaner is getting married with his girlfriend, the Argentine model Stefi Roitman. They await the birth of Indigo and their musical careers seem to have no ceiling.

But in the last hours, the eyes of the celebrity are on the first event of the year for the Montaners: the wedding that promises to be the wedding of the year. There is a lot of secrecy about where and how the ceremony and celebration will take place, but it is speculated that there will be between 400 and 600 guests, many of them famous.

Little is known about the look of the couple, but the actress also chose an Argentine designer and it is rumored that she will have at least three changes after hours this Saturday. “We are very happy to share with you the wedding of our children Stefanía and Ricardo. And we invite you to witness the ceremony that will be held on Saturday, January 8, 2022 at 4:00 p.m. “, is the text that is read in the invitation sent by the couple’s parents.

The card indicates that the place of the event is secret ‘secret location’, and only clarifies that it will take place in Buenos Aires, in an open-air space. The exact address will be received this Friday only by those who have confirmed their presence, to prevent the location from being leaked.

According to the journalist Maite Peñoñori from the ‘Intruders’ program, all the employees of the different services had to sign a confidentiality contract to reveal absolutely nothing about the marriage.

Just as it was prohibited that the different companies that will participate in the organization of the wedding, publish images or content on their social networks. According to the Argentine journalist, even the girlfriend had to sign a document in which she promised not to give interviews on the matter and neither share anything on her official Instagram or Twitter accounts, which surprised all fans by the extreme of the matter.

It was even learned that Stefi and Ricky told all attendees that they will not be able to enter with their cell phones and for this, they set up some lookers where electronic devices will remain stored until they leave the establishment.

Although at first, when they shared their commitment, they had talked about having the wedding in Miami, in the end they decided on Stefi’s native country, which was also home for the Montaner family for many years. In recent days, friends and family of the couple arrived. And on Thursday night they held a kind of bachelor party in an expensive bar in Buenos Aires, but no further details were known about due to the secrecy they maintain and which has generated more expectations in the followers.

It was also known through local media that the ceremony will be mixed since the musician is an evangelist and the actress, a Jew. The union will take place in the area of ​​Exaltación de la Cruz, 82 kilometers from the city of Buenos Aires, where there is a lot of contact with nature, and falls like a glove due to the new protocols for the pandemic.

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This will be the luxurious and mysterious wedding of Ricardo Montaner’s son that everyone talks about – La Vibra