This would be the economic agreement that Tefi Valenzuela received

This would be the economic agreement that Tefi Valenzuela received


The actress receives compensation for domestic violence

The singer Tefi Valenzuela received compensation after suffering violence from her ex-partner, Eleazar Gómez. The artist obtained the amount of $21,000 dollarswhich the actor paid her for damages after he physically assaulted her.

Valenzuela denounced the actor’s aggression when he was arrested on charges of hitting and attempted strangulation. After her request for help and her call to the police from her neighbors. The actor was taken to the delegation at dawn on November 5, 2020.

What happened to the case?

Tefi Valenzuela reveals LIVE all about the hell she lived with Eleazar ‘N’ | First hand#TefiValenzuela came to the #DePrimeraMano forum and opened her heart about what she experienced next to #EleazarN, the episodes of violence, the strangulation, the ex-girlfriends who were also attacked, she answered about the video that was released of her without apparent blows nor bites and more… Do not miss the best of the show of…2020-11-23T22:50:39Z

Eleazar was linked to the process by the equated family violence crime. It was ordered that he spend two months in preventive detention in the South Reclusorio. Gómez’s defense requested a legal remedy to request conditional release and the judge denied the request, so the actor returned to prison. The actor’s lawyers claimed to have a video showing that the model’s body had no blows.

Lawyer for Stephanie Valenzuela, details the offers of Eleazar’s defense! | windowingJaime Carvajal Torre, Stephanie Valenzuela’s lawyer, dismissed as ridiculous the video presented by Eleazar ‘N”s cousin where her client is seen without injuries and affirms that although the actor has not declared, he never denied that he had committed the aggression. Ventaneando, TV Azteca program hosted by Pati Chapoy in the company…2020-11-21T02:01:15Z

The meeting between Tefi Valenzuela and Eleazar’s legal representatives put on the table an agreement to quantify damages so that the singer would grant Eleazar a pardon. The defendant pleaded guilty to the charges and was placed on probation.

What did Valenzuela do with the money?

Tefi Valenzuela reveals if she has already received the first deposit from Eleazar Gómez. | windowingTefi Valenzuela is on tour in Peru and confesses if she has already received the first deposit for damage compensation from Eleazar Gómez and tells us what she will use the money she receives from the actor for. Subscribe to our channel: Exclusive content: Complete programs: Guests of Ventaneando: PLuw65g3hpvv2k9u9mcSld-mbyjx7hs-Il Windowing, program…2021-04-10T05:30:00Z

The artist of Peruvian origin received the money and assured her support for NGOs that work to defend people in situations of domestic violence. In addition, she assured that part of the money she used to pay the lawyers. Valenzuela said that she has managed to overcome the drama experienced in past months as a life process.

Who is Tefi Valenzuela?

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actress and singer, Stephanie Valenzuela, better known as Tefi, was born in Peru in 1990. She studied modeling, singing and acting. She also completed seven semesters of the Architecture degree. Her career in front of the television cameras began, in 2012, as a correspondent in Mexico for Desafío sin Fronteras, a song and dance program. For her part, Stephany participated in Miss Gaming Peru 2012, a beauty pageant. She has participated in films such as: “7.9 Historia untold” and “Jugo de Tamarindo”, in the musical arena she has released singles “Cumbia de farewell”, “Intocable”, among others.

Tefi Valenzuela and her time at La Casa de Los Famosos

Tefi Valenzuela still cries for Eleazar Gomezvia @Jimena Gállego Official tefi valenzuela confesses that he is still not over eleazar gomez #fyp #gossip #parati #scandal #crying abused women2021-08-26T15:17:47Z

Singer Tefi Valenzuela was the first eliminated The House of the Famous, although her stay was very short, in her week the singer broke down crying and talked about what happened with Kimberly Flores about her case with Eleazar, she assured that blaming, hating and holding a grudge was not the best option but she is still afraid of what happened. For her part, she confessed that she had a recurring nightmare in which she relived the aggression she had in the past.

Tefi has shown that her talent has prevailed at all times and everything that has happened has made her a more aware woman, bringing a message of advancement and improvement to all the people who have experienced family violence.

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This would be the economic agreement that Tefi Valenzuela received