Thylane Blondeau (the most beautiful girl in the world aged 4) lives a nightmare at 20

Thylane Blondeau She became famous in 2005, when she was just 4 years old. Her singular beauty left everyone who saw her parade on the catwalk of Jean Paul Gaultier. Since then she has been dubbed “the most beautiful girl in the world” and claimed by the most important magazines and fashion houses.

Daughter of soccer player Patrick Blondeau and actress, presenter and fashion designer Véronika Loubry, at the age of 10 she became the youngest model in the world to pose for ‘Vogue’ Paris.

Photo: Lila Grace and Kate Moss pose together at a Longchamp event. (Getty / Cindy Ord)

Today she is 20 years old and is a renowned model who has starred in numerous advertising and fashion campaigns for major international firms. His face maintains that angelic air that he had when he was 4 years old and some features that could be considered perfect.

Thylane Blondeau She owns her own clothing brand (Heaven May) and is also a star on social media. His Instagram has 4.8 million followers. And it has been precisely in this social network where the beautiful young woman has told all her fans the hell he’s been through recently due to a poor medical diagnosis.

Showing various photographs in the hospitalAfter undergoing an operation, Thylane has revealed the hard year she has lived, in which she has suffered intense pain.

“I was not sure about publishing this, but here we are,” she began by saying in an explanatory text about her situation.

The model puts on the table the problem that a bad medical diagnosis can generate in someone and relates his own experience. “A year ago I had an emergency operation for an ovarian cyst that had exploded in my stomach. Three months later, my belly started to hurt again and at first we all (and I, of course) thought it was because of the operation. This year I have seen three gynecologists different, I have visited more than four radiology centers in Paris and they all said the same thing: ‘Don’t worry, you have nothing, everything is in your head’ “.

After not resigning herself and insisting on finding a professional to help her, Thylane Blondeau found the doctor that has saved him from his nightmare: “I went to the emergency room because my belly hurt so much that I couldn’t take it anymore and they told me that everything was fine, that I had a small cyst and that I would have to have a new check-up in two or three months. The day after this, I had an appointment with an incredible doctor who saw directly that I had a 5.6-centimeter cyst that was already touching my ovary, so he sent me to do tests and an hour later he called me and asked me to come. directly to the hospital to do an emergency operation”.

After undergoing the operation, Thylane Blondeau claims to feel much better: “Today, I finally feel better. I feel free. I really thought I was crazy for complaining about my stomach for so long, but happy that I didn’t give up. ”

Despite how bad it has been, the young woman affirms that the bad experience has helped her learn: “From this experience I have learned that when your body hurts, don’t let it go and you have to take care. You have to see different doctors until one of them finds the problem and cures it. Any pain, even the smallest, can hide something much more important. I am very grateful for having gone through this experience and also very grateful for the care received at the clinic, which it literally saved my life. And of course to my mother, who directly caught a train from the south of France to accompany me and my boyfriend who has helped me for a year ”.

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Thylane Blondeau (the most beautiful girl in the world aged 4) lives a nightmare at 20