Tico taxi driver found passport of The Strokes vocalist thrown away in Malpaís

When the taxi driver Ranny Rodríguez was preparing to carry out a service between Cabuya and Malpaís, this Thursday, January 20, he noticed that on the road there was a passport that belonged to Julian Casablancas, a complete stranger to him. The first thing he did was stop his vehicle, get out of the car, pick up the document and take a picture of it.

He then posted the photo of the document on his Facebook profile, in case anyone knew or could help locate the owner.

What the 53-year-old taxi driver never imagined was the large number of people who knew the passport holder. The document was from Julian Casablancas, lead singer of the famous American rock band The Strokes, interpreter of hits such as Last Night Y Reptile.

“I said ‘hopefully I can find it’, because this is a road that is heavily traveled by foreigners who rent ATVs and it is very common for this to happen. So, what I do is publish it so that people can share it to see if the owner appears, because I know that it is of great help to them. In other words, being in another country and losing your passport is very costly”, narrates the taxi driver from Cabuya.

After sharing the document with his information, Mr. Ranny continued working as usual, transferring an American who lives in that area and who is a friend of his. He told her that she found her passport, because since she saw that the man in the photograph was American, perhaps she could help find him.

According to her account, a few minutes after leaving her friend at home, she received a call from her, who told her that her husband (who is a musician) had recognized the person on the passport and that it was from a famous American singer.

“Her husband was a fan of that band and she told me that he had told her that he used to go to concerts. Then I realized that he was a famous fuck. Later I saw that a cousin of mine shared the publication and someone published a link of who he was and I was able to get into the link. I saw that it was from someone important, because there were photos of concerts, musical instruments and the whole thing, ”he says.

Also, in his post, Don Ranny shared his cell phone number and began receiving phone calls and messages.

“You could see that several people have contacted me to tell me that they do know him, that this and that. On Thursday night some acquaintances called me and told me that if I delivered the passport, I wish I would deliver it directly to the owner, because that would lend itself to a lot and then it could affect me because he is very famous, “he says.

Don Ranny commented that, being aware of the personality to which the document belonged, he coordinated with his “gringa” friend and gave her the passport. She would have been in charge of contacting the artist through the manager and this same Thursday, January 20, she gave the document to the singer.

“Today (Friday 21st), first thing in the morning, I talked to my friend to see if they had picked up the passport and she told me yes, that they had picked it up that night… I didn’t have the honor of meeting him” , details.

The experienced taxi driver assures that seeing well-known personalities in that area is very frequent, so he was not surprised that it was a well-known singer.

Even Don Ranny is not aware if he has transferred a famous person in his red taxi. It is that according to him “they walk like this, silently”, to go unnoticed.

“They are hidden, so one does not even know who they are pulling, but I have run into some celebrities. The last time I saw Leonardo Dicaprio who was riding a quad… And the thing is that everyone arrives here. One finds out through the reporters, through the press, so what one does is go around there peeling one’s eye to see if he sees them. There are also friends of one, from the businesses here, who tell him that such a person was here and did such a thing, ”he assures.

After handing in his passport, Mr. Ranny deleted his Facebook post, because his American friend called him to tell him that the artist’s office had asked him to delete the post for security reasons.

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Tico taxi driver found passport of The Strokes vocalist thrown away in Malpaís