Tistán Othon, Yahir’s son and how his addictions led him to debut in adult films

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Tristan Othon is he eldest son of the Mexican singer Yahir and that in recent months has given much to talk about, after declaring himself bisexual and relapsing into his addiction problem.

The 23-year-old has struggled with drugs for almost 10 years. In an interview he gave to a famous entertainment magazine, he declared that his addictions began at the age of 13 when he tried alcohol, two years later he found out about marijuana and at age 16 he went on stronger substances like LSD. His actions had consequences and he had to be admitted to a rehabilitation clinic.

Tristán is the son of Yahir and Jaquelin Ferros, a woman with whom the singer was related in his adolescence and who has nothing to do with the media, so it is not common for him to appear before the cameras.

Due to his constant relapses into addictions, Tristán has spent more than three years of his life in different rehabilitation centers, becoming a real problem for his father.

“The truth seems that I am living a nightmare, we have a long time in a war against addictions. My son is in a very strong relapse after (being in) several rehab centers, and it is very sad to find out that this addiction problem is leading him to do such strong things “, declared a few months ago the singer in an interview for “Today”.

Tristán Othon declares himself bisexual

In his quest to capture the attention of the media, Tristán Othon revealed a month ago that he was bisexual and asked his father to accept his sexual orientation. At the time he presented before the cameras of the program “Gossip no like” his partner, singer and content creator Axel Martínez, better known as Axxl Mart.

Besides talking about your sexual orientation, Tristán surprised everyone by announcing that he would open his official Only Fans account, where he would share erotic and sexual content with his current partner.

The appearance in the media of the young man was a great blow to Yahir, who regretted his son’s statements and although he clarified that he did not really care about his sexual orientation, he was very clear in saying that he would not support his new follies.

That he is bisexual to me, the truth does not bother me at all, what is the question of how he is exposed, that he has no filters, that he lets go of absolutely everything and asks me to be his accomplice in the issue of addiction and I cannot support him in that. He asks me to support him and I cannot support him either with the ideas of being a porn actor or with the ideas of continuing to take drugs.”Yahir sentenced.

Tristan’s addiction problems are overtaking him

Everything seems to indicate that Tristán Othón’s addiction problems have surpassed him and he is in financial trouble that he has no way to sustainThat is why he had resorted to selling the idea of ​​being bisexual to the media and joining the adult platform.

This version was confirmed by Axxl Mart to the magazine TV and novels when he explained that Tristan had made up the story about his sexuality for more income and had taken advantage of her trust.

“He took advantage of me … I discovered him smoking stone and injecting cocaine in the bathroom of my house; I opened the doors of my house to him on the condition that he did not take drugs. He also pretended that he liked me and that he felt something for me … He lied to have money and continue using drugs. Tristán is sick in the head “stated the influencer.

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In the same conversation, Axxl Mrt said he was concerned about Tristan’s health, since his addictions are gradually absorbing him, so he considers that he should be hospitalized for a long period so that he can be cured.

“The best thing that can happen to him is that he is admitted to a rehabilitation center. Eight thousand dollars for a person addicted to drugs is death, because with that money you can kill. Tristán spent 10,000 pesos on drugs in one day. Tristán is either killed or saved, because he has the money for both of us. ”

Nowadays Tristan Othon has more than 46 thousand followers on Instagram where he usually posts photos of him showing his marked abdomen or some of his hobbies.

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Tistán Othon, Yahir’s son and how his addictions led him to debut in adult films