“Today I have decided to raise my voice”: Ingrid Coronado explained the complaint she made against Charly

On November 29, 2021, Charly lopez, a former Garibaldi member, gave an interview to Gustavo Adolfo Infante in the program ‘First hand’. In this talk, the singer delved into several details about his marriage and divorce with Ingrid Coronado, with whom he was married from 1998 to 2006.

The words of Charly and Gustavo, along with a series of “macho insults and threats” that Ingrid received after this interview, caused the television host to approach the Attorney General’s Office of Mexico City (FGJCDMX) and denounce the media attack of which he was a victim.

Ingrid Coronado denounced Charly L贸pez and Gustavo Adolfo for gender violence

On the night of December 6, 2021, Ingrid Coronado He shared an official statement on his social networks where he explained that, backed by the Olimpia Law, which recognizes digital violence, he took legal measures against Charly L贸pez and Gustavo Adolfo.

“Today I have decided to raise my voice. Mexican women do not have to remain silent when faced with acts of gender violence, regardless of who they come from or the environment or space in which they are carried out”

The television host explained that the “expressions related to her person, private life, reputation, family life, dignity and self-image” that Charly L贸pez and Gustavo Adolfo said were “false information” with which they reinforced sexist stereotypes and incited the violence against her and her children, Emiliano, Paolo and Luciano.

Coronado warned that it respects freedom of expression and recognizes “the work of entertainment programs that are managed with well-founded ethics and values.” However, he stated that there are “those who do not know limits”, a situation that caused their private life to be violated, mainly because the information about it “lacks truthfulness.”

Ingrid declared that she was not going to remain silent in the face of these actions that put people’s integrity and emotional health at risk, especially that of girls, boys and women.

Ingrid Coronado’s complaint against Charly L贸pez and Gustavo Adolfo already had results

Ingrid’s complaint caused the Prosecutor’s Office to grant her a series of protection measures, granted on December 2, 2021, which consisted of the elimination of the interview where she suffered media violence, as well as an order to the aggressors to refrain to discriminate against her.

Ingrid Coronado invited women who suffer from violence to speak out

The television host took advantage of her official statement to also “make an important call” to all women who are victims of gender violence.

Coronado said that “it is important that they know that they have allies” and people who can support them in various organizations focused on victims of gender violence such as the three justice centers for women in Mexico City.

Likewise, he warned that from his own experience, he knows that sometimes women remain silent when they suffer violence because they want to “take care of the emotional health of their children.”

However, she pointed out that “they must be sure that they are not alone” nor should they feel that way. In addition, she encouraged them to defend themselves without fear. She also added a series of organizations and centers that help women who suffer violence.

“Defend yourselves without fear, because by helping each other, you help others. For you, for me and for everyone. We are not alone.”

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“Today I have decided to raise my voice”: Ingrid Coronado explained the complaint she made against Charly