Tom Brusse breaks up with his girlfriend live after fooling around with another girl on ‘Secret Story’

Tom Brusse has once again made a splash in a television contest after leaving his girlfriend through a video call. He did it last night on ‘Secret Story’, a program that Mediaset has tried to promote by bringing guests to the house and that this week was attended by Tom himself, Miriam Saavedra and Víctor Sandoval. The Frenchman assured when he entered that he had reformed and that he now had a formal girlfriend I have great respect for her. But the Tom Brusse of the past didn’t take 24 hours to come out and his whole story was dismantled when he met Sara.

The chemistry between the two began to flow to the point that despite the fact that the young woman did not trust Tom too much, she assured that I could “have something else” with him if he had not entered with a partner. The Frenchman, overwhelmed by an approach that put his peaceful life with Sarah López in check, asked for a video call to clarify the situation: “I don’t know what is happening to me, I thought I was going to miss my girlfriend (… .). I’d like a call to clear this up because I’m sure my relationship with Sara here bothers you.”, he expressed.

The program then made it easy for him to connect live and gave Tom the chance to talk things over with his still-partner. She visibly angry she took the phone from her Sarah, which only took a few seconds and dedicate a few reproaches in French. “You told me I was the mother of your children, your future wife, and after 24 hours you approach another girl who has the same name as me.”, He declared with a lot of pain and unable to hold back the tears.

And it is that both would be looking for a flat for the two of them, but now Sarah does not recognize him: “Before you left you told me to look for a flat for both of us and you left me for a girl. I know you have no future with her and I’m really wallowing in this. You wanted a woman, I don’t understand, I don’t recognize you. I’ve talked to people outside and no one recognizes you right now. You know I’m alone in Dubai, you know, and you can’t say you respect me, you can’t, it’s not possible”, he continued.

Tom has lowered his head and has endured the well-deserved downpour: “Why are you going with another? I’ve seen everything you said. Just before you left you told me that you would miss me and this is not true. You told me you loved me more than anything and you screw it up. You can’t tell me that you miss me. Are you leaving me in front of everyone?Sarah asked angrily and with a lot of indignation. “Very sorry. No, I’m fine. Sorry”, Brusse was right to say.

Tom told Sara everything soon after

History repeats itself for a Tom Brusse who already knows what it’s like to end a relationship on a TV show. In ‘The island of temptations’ he ended his apparently idyllic love story with Melyssa Pinto and got carried away with Sandra Pika. Being with her, he entered ‘Survivors’ and there it was she who ended up with him to start a romance with Julen shortly after.

Now Tom seems to be leaving a new relationship to presumably get carried away at some point with Sara, to whom he did not hesitate to tell her everything he had talked about with his girlfriend immediately after hanging up the phone. “I wanted to talk to Sarah because I didn’t miss her very much, I’ve fallen out of love. we’re not together anymore”.

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Tom Brusse breaks up with his girlfriend live after fooling around with another girl on ‘Secret Story’