Tom Holland revealed his mother’s embarrassing request in Spider-Man

Tom Holland

Undoubtedly, the role of spider-man led Tom Holland to stardom, but thanks to his talent, his sympathy and the fact that he never stopped showing himself as an ordinary human being, he has also earned, in recent years, a place in the hearts of the public. In each of the interviews that he grants, the actor usually speaks without hesitation, tells anecdotes that arouse laughter and recounts experiences that do not always leave him well. On Friday, he did it again.

During an interview on the show Live with Kelly and Ryan The 25-year-old actor revealed, with a laugh, that during the filming of the first of the films in which he played New York’s spider hero, his mother made a secret call to the production with a very special request.

The story began after the host, Ryan Seacrest, will tell you that he wore the Spiderman suit during the show in which he and his partner, Kelly Ripa, unveiled their own Oscar nominees. Then Holland asked mischievously, “And your suit had a zipper? And you know what I mean by ‘a zipper’. Right after, he revealed that none of the suits he wore during the trilogy featured one.

And there he dispatched with the anecdote: “In the first film, we were filming a sequence in the Washington obelisk and I wore the suit for 11 hours for several days,” he began by recounting. He explained, “I was young and I wanted to impress the studio, so I didn’t want them to think I needed bathroom breaks.”

However, going through that situation was so annoying that it became a topic of conversation with his own mother, the British photographer Nicola Elizabeth Frost. “In one of my daily calls to my mom I said, ‘Mom, I’m really struggling… I work every day and because I wear the suit, I can’t go to the bathroom,'” she recalled. But, of course, the story did not end there: “Two days later, one of the producers approached me and said: ‘How are your kidneys?’

The actor said that, surprised by the curious question, he answered that he was fine, and asked him what his interest was due to. “Well… Your mom called us,” the man revealed. “Yeah, so my mom called the biggest studio in the world and said, ‘Give my son more bathroom breaks!'” Holland recalled, drawing laughter from interviewers at him.

In mid-December, it premiered Spider-Man: No Way Homeand in the middle of one of the many interviews that Holland and Zendaya gave – who plays Peter Parker’s love interest, Michelle Jones, and is also the actor’s girlfriend in real life – was dispatched with an eschatological anecdote that has them as protagonists .

“I farted. Yes, I farted on Zendaya, unfortunately, “the actor surprised in a radio report. And he justified: «It’s hard… The suit is tight. The harness tightens». Luckily, actor Jacob Batalon was in the studio, who plays Ned Leeds, Peter Parker’s best friend, and quickly came to his defense: “The suit squeezes your intestines.” According to what they said, that “accident” occurred during the filming of a scene in which the three actors had to swing together through the air.

But Zendaya’s version of that unexpected moment had yet to be heard. Therefore, when asked if he realized it at the time or if his partner confessed to him later what happened, he did not hesitate and, laughing, he replied: “It was very obvious!”. And to further illustrate the situation, he hit his thigh with his open hand and added: “I felt the rattle.” Holland, then, wanted to make a clarification: «No! I confessed it! Immediately, I was like, ‘Ugh, I’m sorry.

The chemistry between them allowed them to give fans other anecdotes outside the script. “There’s one scene in particular where Spider-Man swings us over a bridge and leaves me there,” Zendaya recounted in another interview. And, smiling, she added: “Because of our height difference, I was going to land before him.” “I’m the superhero! I’m supposed to look amazing, “Holland then interrupted, and ended by saying that it was she who had to catch him for the scene to really work.

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Tom Holland revealed his mother’s embarrassing request in Spider-Man