Tom Holland, Zendaya and the romantic contradiction of the year

Tom holland and Zendaya They are not only news for The expected Spider-Man: No Way Home, but the two protagonists of this successful Sony and Marvel franchise are giving a lot to talk about when it comes to their personal lives. Recently both They were caught by the paparazzi kissing in a car, a photograph that turned the entire internet and that fueled the much-rumored romance that he had been talking about for a long time. But far from denying the facts or not talking about it, both Holland and Zendaya they have continued to show their affection to each other in public through their social networks. Therefore, it is contradictory to hear the latest statements of the actor regarding his private life.

Of course, with the launch of the trailer of Spider-Man: No Way Home and the relationship that both maintain in the film as Peter Parker and MJ, the subject of their alleged romance was not going to go unnoticed in the interviews. Has been the magazine GQ who has taken the opportunity to bring the issue to the fore and get a confession from Tom Holland about it. However, even if he admits that they have a common history, He has chosen to be cautious and divert attention to how much it hurts him to have seen his private life out of his control.

Tom Holland and Zendaya at the 2019 Spider-Man: Far From Home premiere (Photo: Kevin Winter / Getty Images)

Tom Holland and Zendaya at the 2019 Spider-Man: Far From Home premiere (Photo: Kevin Winter / Getty Images)

“One of the drawbacks of our fame is that our privacy is no longer under our control, and a moment that you think is between two people who love each other very much is now a moment shared with everyone”Holland noted of the leaked photos of his kiss with Zendaya. “I have always tried to keep my life private, because I already share a lot of my life with the world as well. We feel like our privacy was stolen. I don’t think it’s not being prepared. It’s just that we didn’t want”.

But it doesn’t seem like Holland and Zendaya’s intention is for their supposed romance not to come to light. In fact, The two interpreters do not stop throwing comments and compliments on social networks that do not stop fueling the rumors. For example, we saw that, after the photos were leaked, Holland dedicated a post with an image together on Instagram in which he asked her to call him on the phone – after finishing his commitments in the recordings of Euphoria because it was the girl’s birthday that day (she had uploaded a story saying that she celebrated her day there, working). He publicly supported her before the premiere of Dune and shared photos of himself to show your admiration. And the same with Zendaya, who in one of her latest stories shared the cover and interview that GQ has dedicated to her partner with the emoji of the face smiling with hearts.

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These expressions of admiration can be perfectly synonymous with a great and beautiful friendship, but appreciating that they are one of the most tender and beloved film couples in Hollywood and that the fans are revolutionized to the minimum, His publications have only increased the interest in his private life and the expectation for knowing more details about their relationship. And for this reason, Tom Holland’s statements sound contradictory.

The actor He closed the topic by noting that he does not want to talk about his relationship with Zendaya without her being present, since he feels that it is the story of both. “We will talk about it when we are ready to say it together.”, he admitted leaving his followers even more expectant. However, from GQ they wanted to clear up the doubts as soon as possible and also contacted Zendaya, who, far from confirming anything, replied the same words from Holland about her private life.

“It was kind of weird, weird, confusing and invasive. The feeling we share is that when you are ready to love and care for someone you would like some moments or things to be yours. I think that loving someone is something sacred and special and something that you would want to deal with, experience and enjoy only between the two people who love each other “, qualified the actress of Spider-man and Dune.

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Tom Holland, Zendaya and the romantic contradiction of the year