Toni Costa and Evelyn Beltrán are guilty. Yes. But only to have fallen in love

Tony Costa and Evelyn Beltrán are guilty. Yes. But only to have fallen in love. The famous choreographer of Univision, instructor and face of Zumba has been on everyone’s lips since he separated from Adamari López. However, the public had remained loyal to his favor. Some even wished her on more than one occasion that she could fall in love again, to be happy. ANDThe point is that this happened five months after he had separated from the mother of his daughter. Did the public like it? Not all. It is right? The correct answer does not exist, “the heart does not rule”, goes an old saying and both he and Adamari have the right to rebuild their lives. Is there an indicated time to do it? Probably not.

Now, if there is something that people respect him and that is even capable of fighting on his behalf, it is that Toni has been considered a good man, a great man for how he always defended Adamari López when many riddled her for her physique. And also because, like a father, Spanish is for many an example to follow. Anything else doesn’t mean he’s without flaws. After all, he is human. But because he is a celebrity, many seem to want him to be irreproachable. Fair or not that’s how show business is, this doesn’t make it right.

On the other hand, we must also remember that Adamari also rebuilt his life, over time, after separating from Luis Fonsi. Some do it earlier, others later. But as Toni says, it is his life. And love came to her probably when she least expected it. In addition, Toni Costa says that only he and Adamari López know what they have experienced and the reason that led them to separate. Unfortunately, he and his new partner, Evelyn Beltrán, are now the victims of excessive criticism who simply believe they know more than the protagonists themselves. Is this fair? Many say no. Tony has the right.

What has generated so much aggression?

Many hoped that Toni Costa and Adamari López will resume their relationship. And it is that when they are together in the company of Alaïa, it seems that nothing has happened, that nothing has changed. When in reality everything changed. Everything.

Some criticize Toni for recently separating, he himself made it clear that everything would probably be fixed, and he would return with Adamari, which was a matter of time. This is how he made Javier Ceriani see it for Gossip No Like. Many believed that everything was a matter of time. But what is said recently separated? It is almost normal that his statements were in favor of a reconciliation, if that is what he himself expected. It is normal.

In the midst of all this, many media outlets joined the speculation. They all wanted or thought they knew the truth behind the separation. “Infidelity” they said. “Infidelity” they repeated. That five months later he agreed to be living an affair with Evelyn Beltrán made many conclude that the rumors were true. Gossip No Like was not lying, yes, when they claimed that Evelyn Beltrán was their partner. But this does not mean that they are actually right when they say that it was possibly because of her that he left her daughter’s mother. Tony says no. Toni says that love came and she was not going to let the opportunity pass. Does this make him the villain of the story? Some believe so, others simply see it as more human.

They are guilty? But only to have fallen in love. Sadly this is something that many believe is unforgivable. What they haven’t stopped to think about is that the Spaniard isn’t apologizing either, for nothing. Almost that he asks to cast the first stone, the one who is without sin.

Toni Costa is not being combative. Nor does it seem to be throwing hints to obtain lens and controversy. When he has dared to mention the mother of his daughter, Adamari Lopez, he does it with respect, he even defends her when they say that Alaïa feels more in tune with him than with her mother. He asks for respect. He says that they are her team because of her daughter, that they will always be together because of her as her parents.

“I will always be present in your life, no matter what happens, daddy will always be there giving you the best of me and being, together with your mother, the best team to make you very happy surrounded by all our love, I love you,” Toni wrote on Instagram.

So what are you doing wrong? Toni seems to be just living her life and asks them to stop insulting the woman who is now her partner, just as she asks for respect for the mother of her daughter. The truth is only known by Toni and Adamari. And both have told it partially, leaving many gaps, probably out of respect for themselves and their daughter. Do these gaps in your story help? No, definitely not, this stirs up rumors or allows them. They also know that this is show business.

Only in time, perhaps, will the truth be known. Or maybe Adamari will write a new book where she talks about what happened to her, which wouldn’t be bad either. At the end of the day, she owns her truth as much as Toni owns her own.

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Toni Costa and Evelyn Beltrán are guilty. Yes. But only to have fallen in love