Toni Costa boasts his most tender moments with Alaïa, despite the controversy over his ‘girlfriend’

At the end of May 2021, Toni Costa and Adamari Lopez announced their separation in a friendly way, making it clear that their relationship would continue cordially for the sake of their daughter, Six-year-old Alaïa.

Although this information has not been confirmed or denied, the Spaniard has preferred to ignore the negative comments and make it clear that regardless of his sentimental situation he will always be a great father to his daughter.

And it is that not even the Covid-19 was an impediment for Toni to be close to her, click play the next video to find out how he managed to celebrate Christmas with Alaïa.

Toni Costa manages everything and covid-19 and manages to see Alaïa at Christmas

Toni Costa: fatherhood has taken its best version

In an Instagram post, the dancer shared a photo with his daughter when she was just a baby in 2015.

There he explained that by becoming a father he grew as a person, since his main objective is to be the best version of himself to serve as an example for his daughter,

“Life changes you completely when you are a father, you grow up, you evolve and facets of yourself come to light that you did not know, but that have always been there because it has been what you have experienced in your childhood. Thanks to my parents for making me the father I am today, I continue to learn to be the best version of myself for my daughter ”.

On Thanksgiving they matched clothes

During the celebration father and daughter coordinated their ‘looks’ by wearing white clothes.

In addition, as it is a moment to be grateful for what they have in their lives, Toni Costa confessed how lucky he is to have a girl like Alaïa and even accepted that he has “affection” for his detractors because they are an indication that something is doing well.

“I am very grateful to have the daughter that I have, who gives me life and fills my heart. Grateful for all the good that life has given me and I would relive everything that has happened to me because that made me the person I am today: with my virtues, with my defects, but that’s the way I am, HAPPY. Grateful for all the people who support me and give their love. Also grateful to the ‘haters’, those who invent and the disrespectful because they are also necessary to realize that you are doing things well and keep moving forward ”.

Toni Costa signed up for Taekwondo classes to be with Alaïa

In order to spend more quality time with his baby, the Spaniard made the decision to enroll in the same martial arts classes as his daughter.

“They do not know how proud I am of my princess and of the wise decision to enter her Taekwondo class, I recommend it 100% to parents.”

Toni doesn’t mind flying four hours to see Alaïa

Through Instagram, the professional dancer admitted that he identifies with a ‘lion dad’ who unconditionally protects his cub.

He still tries to show her how important Alaïa is in his life, because no matter how tired he is at work, he is willing to be by her side even if it takes him four hours to fly.

Like the time he gave a Zumba MasterClass in Phoenix and later returned to Miami to see it.

“Until the end of my days I will always be there for you, protecting you, loving you and giving you the best of me. I love you princess”.

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Toni Costa boasts his most tender moments with Alaïa, despite the controversy over his ‘girlfriend’