Toni Costa tells how the rapprochement between Alaïa and his girlfriend was

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Tony Costa is one of the celebrities who has surprised in the second season of the reality show “The House of the Famous” for his revealing confessions about his separation from the charismatic host of “Hoy Día”, Adamari Lopez and after his romantic relationship with Evelyn Beltran.

Now, the Spanish dancer told his classmates how it was the first time his daughter Alaïa had contact with her current partner, Evelyn Beltran. “It all came about because of a bunny that Evelyn gave Alaïa, a bunny from a store that inflates with I don’t know what, that has a hard heart inside and that comes with its little box that is its little house and with a diploma that is like the birth certificate…”

Although at first they thought to make him believe that the toy had been given to him, Toni saw the perfect opportunity to start the process of telling her young daughter that she has a new he called him on the phone and after thanking Alaïa for the detail, he revealed that the one who gave him the bunny was “Daddy’s friend”.

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Toni Costa said that the call between Alaïa and his girlfriend passed “as normal”, they spoke in English too, he explained: ‘”have you touched the little heart inside it?’ ‘Yeah, I love it.’ ‘Thank you, thank you, thank you,'” she said.

The also Zumba instructor said that lhe situation arose spontaneously, since this process was supposed to be carried out through a child psychologist, as had been agreed with Adamari Lopez.

“The process of letting my daughter know that I had a partner was together with Adamari to go to the child psychologist, that was how we had agreed before I came here because I knew that here you can find out and everything […]. But one like dad feels the exact moment to do things with your children and it was like thatit was because of the bunny, I was like, ‘This is mine,'” she explained.

He said that after what happened, he sent an audio to his ex wife to explain to him what had happened “I know we had agreed on something else but the situation has turned out that way. I’m sorry but it happened that way. I wanted to explain it to you so that you were on the same page with me in case Alaïa tells you something because it was like that, like that and like that”.

The famous recognized that “she had expectations that it would be like the other. The fact of taking the girl to a child psychologist, which we have already been to other times, is like pointing out that event too much”.

Nevertheless, considered that approaching the subject through the psychologist, as they had previously agreed “was going to be a bit like quite aggressive enter it like this So I tell her: ‘She happened like this, when it happens to you I’m going to be here to support you, I’m going to be here to even be with our daughter and explain to her’ “.

Although, that contact has already been given, Tony She stressed that they have only spoken on the phone and her daughter does not know her in person. “Evelyn is a woman and she adores Alaïa, she is dying to meet her. It’s a process. But Alaïa knows that daddy has a very special friend who loves each other very much, who go out, who travel…”.

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Toni Costa tells how the rapprochement between Alaïa and his girlfriend was