Toni Costa told his daughter Alaia that he has a girlfriend. How did Adamari López take it?

Toni Costa told his daughter Alaia that he has a girlfriend. How did Adamari López take it?


Tony Costa

Tony Costa little by little he has been giving information about aspects of his private life. The 38-year-old Spanish dancer had stood out for being discreet and avoiding referring to his ex, Adamari Lopez, 50 years old. However, she has been encouraged to recount episodes experienced as a result of her separation from the puerto rican and even shared details of the moment when he told his daughter about his relationship with the model Evelyn Beltrán.

Okay to the dancer, They had agreed with Adamari López that to tell their 7-year-old daughter Alaia that he had a partner, they would go to a psychologist. However, before entering “The House of the Famous”, Costa chose to be honest with his daughter and tell her that she has a very special friend whom he loves and with whom he travels.

“It all came about because of a bunny that Evelyn gives Alaia, a bunny from a store that inflates with I don’t know what, that has a hard heart inside and that comes with its little box that is its little house and with a diploma that is like the birth certificate. Evelyn put that I was giving it to her and she says: ‘Daddy, thanks.’ So I tell her: ‘Don’t thank me, it’s daddy’s friend who gives it to you,’ she told her fellow inmates Toni Costa.

The Adamari Lopez’s ex He explained that he took advantage of the opportunity and suggested to his daughter Alaia that they call Beltrán by phone to thank him for his gift. “They spoke in the most normal way, they spoke in English too, she asked him: Have you touched the little heart that is inside? “Yes, I love it. Thank you, thank you, thank you,” Alaia replied,” according to Costa.

Costa explained that his instinct made him overlook the agreement he had with his ex partner And tell your daughter. “The process of letting my daughter know that I had a partner was together with Adamari go to the child psychologist, that was how we had arranged for before I came here because I knew that here you can find out and everything. But one like dad feels the exact moment to do things with your children and it was like that, it was because of the bunny, I said: This is mine, “she asserted.

Regarding how López made his decision, the Spaniard indicated that she hoped that the agreement had been fulfilled. “I automatically when all this happened that afternoon I sent an audio to Adamari because I was traveling and I told him: Look, this has happened, I know we had agreed on something else but the situation has turned out like this. I’m sorry but it happened that way. I wanted to explain it to you so that you were on the same page with me, just in case Alaia tells you something, because it was like this and like that”.

“She had like expectations that it would be like the other thing. The fact of taking the girl to a child psychologist, which we have already been to other times, is like pointing out that event too much and I think it would be a bit aggressive to enter her like that. So I tell her: she happened like this, when it happens to you I will be here to support you, I will be here to even be with our daughter and explain to her, “she asserted.

Finally, Costa pointed out that his girlfriend really wants to meet little Alaia in person. “Evelyn is a woman and she adores Alaia, she is dying to meet her. It is a process. But Alaia knows that daddy has a very special friend who loves each other very much, who go out, who travel, “she concluded.

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Toni Costa told his daughter Alaia that he has a girlfriend. How did Adamari López take it?