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Although none of them has confirmed it, there has been talk of the new romance of Tony Costa, who would be the tiktoker Evelyn Beltran. In the last hours, the woman appeared on her social networks with an outfit that completely paralyzed the networks.

Through her Instagram account, where she has more than 82 thousand followers, the youtuber and instagramer is used to sharing content from her day to day. On this occasion, Beltrán appeared in her stories wearing tight and sexy blue one-piece leggings that mark her voluptuous figure. In a boomerang of just a few seconds, you see Evelyn record yourself in front of the mirror while you are in the gym, where you usually do your exercise routines.

The name of Evelyn Beltran, Months ago, he monopolized the headlines of entertainment as the woman who would have conquered the heart of Toni Costa. The young woman, with very striking curves, is a popular influencer on the networks and calls herself ‘the bug‘.

In his publications he accumulates miles of likes, not only for sharing his routines and hobbies, but also for showing off his figure. Although little is known about her, it is known that in addition to being a famous tiktoker, she is a model and singer. And this is one of the reasons that lead her to consistently take care of her physique and also her voice. Well yes, they are his instruments to captivate his followers and continue to grow on the different platforms.

According to what was published by the online media ‘MDZ’, Evelyn apparently lives in Austin, Texas, is Latina and has a 4-year-old son. And according to what the tongues say, he not only captivated the dancer for his obvious and remarkable body, but also for his charisma and humble way of being.

criticism against him

As expected, when linked with Tony Costa, the haters have also said present. And it is that undoubtedly after having a relationship with Adamari Lopez, one of the most recognized talents on Hispanic television today, there are many fans who can’t get over this breakup.

But it has been Toni himself who has put a stop to the bad comments and criticisms against the influencer. Someone recently accused Evelyn of being a bad mother.. “She prefers to offer a home to another and someone else’s son, than to wake up at home with her daughter… What a pity that she throws everything overboard!” It was another of the many criticisms he received.

The dancer did not remain silent and came out to defend her tooth and nail. “Each comment of yours is sadder than the last. What a mentality is that, by God! That’s not how things are anymore, our daughter will not lack for anything, not the love of her parents, or anything at all “, He said.

That way, The dancer made it very clear that something links him to the model. But it also seems that Tony Costa, for the moment, prefers to keep this relationship hidden or at least has no intention of making it public as everyone expects. However, through social networks, they forget what they will say and leave very affectionate messages.

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Toni Costa’s alleged girlfriend shows off her figure with sexy and tight leggings – La Vibra