Two days before announcing their breakup, Christian Nodal was already looking to erase his Belinda tattoos

This was revealed by Rafael Valdez, the tattoo artist to whom the singer went to change the tattoo that said ‘Beli’ next to his right ear. The signs that she had made a change in him came last weekend at one of the concerts she gave in Central America.

Some images taken by photographer David Chacón, who captured moments of the concert that the interpreter had in Costa Rica last Saturday, February 19, revealed that next to his ear there were now the four suits of poker on the letters: spade, heart, rhombus and club.

Tattoo artist reveals that Nodal looked for him two days before announcing breakup

This was stated by Rafael Valdez in an interview with the newspaper Reforma, published this Wednesday, February 23: “A few days ago, when the subject came up that Nodal wanted to get tattooed because of what happened with his ex-girlfriend (Belinda), his chef recommended me to him.

“He told him about my work and the people I have tattooed, that aroused Nodal’s interest,” he spoke from Guadalajara, a city where Nodal has a farm where, according to the tattoo artist, the modification of the tattoo was carried out. tattoo.

He already had the idea of ​​what he wanted. He’s a big fan of tattoos, so I just pitched in on his idea,” Valdez shared.

“The truth is that we were up all night on that projectchatter was put together, very cool, very humble, I liked him very much, I did not know him in person, “said the tattoo artist.

Nodal tattoo artist warns that they are already “working” on more tattoos

Rafael Valdez also announced that he and the singer are already “working” on other of the tattoos that the artist has done. It was not clear to say if it is the modification of the other designs that have allusions to who would be his wife, although his words suggest that it is.

We work other tattoosa very important one that we will surely continue working on and that is how I will leave it on my side, because until he decides to show it, I cannot talk anymore, but I’m sure a photo will come out soon“explained the tattooist.

“What I can say is that I saw him very focused, very cool and happy, he was with his family, his parents and sister,” he said.

According to Reforma, Rafael Valdez has worked with stars such as Marc Anthony, Kylie Jenner, David and Victoria Beckham, Saúl ‘Canelo’ Álvarez and Lewis Hamilton, among others.

According to information from the newspaper, he lives in the United States, but as a result of the pandemic he returned to Guadalajara, where he was contacted by Christian Nodal after the breakup with Belinda.

Nodal’s tattoos in honor of Belinda

According to the ‘influencer’ Chamonic, who reports information on the lives of celebrities, the singer-songwriter has already started a modification on that design.

He also had a cupid’s bow and a number 4 next to it on one of his hands. That was a complement to one that Belinda has of a heart and also a 4 in a hand.

It is not the first time that a celebrity who had a love affair with the actress a tattoo allusive to Belinda is erased or modified after the end of their romantic relationship. Lupillo Rivera and Criss Angel also found themselves in the same situation that Christian Nodal is now experiencing.


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Two days before announcing their breakup, Christian Nodal was already looking to erase his Belinda tattoos