Unpredictable Semifinal of ‘La Voz’: Malú runs out of talents for the Grand Final

The Semifinal of ‘La Voz’ has witnessed some of the most spectacular performances of the entire edition. During the gala, we have enjoyed moments full of emotion and never seen before. In addition, we already know the names of the four finalists who will go directly to the Grand Final to fight for their position as the winner.

The program began with a wonderful performance by the eight semifinalists: Diana Larios, Carlos Ángel Valdés, Karina Pasian, Julio Benavente, Inés Manzano, Marina Jiménez, Ezequiel Montoya and Besay Pérez took the stage to impress with a exciting version of the song ‘This is me’ from the movie ‘The Great Showman’.

Performances with coaches and advisers

Luis Fonsi’s semifinalists shared a very special moment with your coach singing ‘Nothing is forever’. In addition, Diana Larios and Carlos Ángel Valdés also performed alongside David Bisbal, his advisor, the song ‘El Noise’.

On the other hand, Alejandro Sanz’s team surprised by interpreting alongside their coach the beautiful song ‘The light was turned off’, an interpretation full of feeling that has moved the entire set. Karina Pasian and Julio Benavente were the semifinalists of ‘Team Sanz’ who also had the opportunity to sing with Greeicy, their advisor, the song ‘Away with me’.

Pablo Alboran also had an unforgettable experience with the semifinalists of his team. The Malaga coach, along with Inés Manzano and Marina Jiménez, performed the beautiful song ‘Let’s talk about love’. What’s more, María José Llergo lit up the set singing with the girls the beautiful theme ‘The light’.

Finally, Malú went up on stage very excited next to her two semifinalists. The Madrid coach joined their voices to Besay Pérez and Ezequiel Montoya to sing the song ‘Qué tardía’ next to her. His advisor, Beret, also shared a unique moment with the guys on the team as they performed the song together. ‘You are forgetting about me’.

Semi-finalist performances

The eight semifinalists passed one by one through the ‘La Voz’ stage giving their best to win over the public. Only four of them, regardless of the team, would go on to the Grand Final and for that reason, they had to do their best to conquer with their performance.

The two semifinalists of Luis Fonsi swept the stage with two very different performances, but full of talent and power. Diana Larios He starred in a unique and unmatched moment when he made a very special version of the song’s lyrics. ‘Bring me to life’ by Evanescence. For its part, Carlos Angel Valdes, showed his personality again with the beautiful song ‘Rise up’ by Andra Day. What a two piece of performances!

Alejandro Sanz’s team revolutionized the audience of ‘La Voz’ with two impeccable performances. The two semifinalists of ‘Team Sanz’ have given it in the Semifinal and two great voices of the program have been proclaimed. Karina Pasian He put everyone’s hair on end by performing a masterful performance with the song ‘I have nothing’ by Whitney Houston. Julio Benavente brought out her sensitivity and heart, and fell in love to the beat of the ballad ‘In pure pain’ of the group Son By Four.

Pablo Alborán’s girls also thrilled the entire audience during their performances in the Semifinal. Two very different voices, but with an innate talent. Ines Manzano again demonstrated his powerful voice with a unbeatable version of the song ‘Diamonds’ by Rihanna. The most flamenco roots of Marina Jimenez reappeared on the stage of ‘La Voz’ with a wonderful performance performing ‘SOS’ by cantaora Mayte Martín.

Finally, the two semi-finalists of the Malú team put the icing on the cake with two most impressive productions. Lyrical and flamenco of blood, a magical and incomparable mix that can only be enjoyed on the set of ‘La Voz’. Ezequiel Montoya he captivated with a very special version in which he paid tribute to Pablo Alborán with his song ‘Afraid’. On the other hand, Besay Perez again demonstrated a vocal torrent with a David Bisbal theme, ‘I fall in love with you’. A magical moment!

The finalists of ‘La Voz’

After the performances and a luxury gala, the public, through their votes, was in charge of choosing the four finalists who will compete to be the winner in the Grand Final of ‘La Voz’.

Of the eight semi-finalists, those who have been lucky enough to be able to move on to the next phase have been: Carlos Ángel Valdés, Julio Benavente, Inés Manzano and Karina Pasian.

Malú, without talents in the Grand Final

Malú has been the only coach who has seen his two talents stay at the gates of the Grand Final of ‘La Voz’. Ezequiel Montoya and Besay Pérez have fascinated throughout their careers, with their flamenco duende and their vocal power respectively, but their path in the talent show has come this far. The coach has been very excited, she has sent a lot of encouragement to the four who have been left out, and she wanted to dedicate some encouraging words to her two talents: “There was no better representation for me than either of you two”.

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Unpredictable Semifinal of ‘La Voz’: Malú runs out of talents for the Grand Final