“Until We Meet Again” is the second most watched non-English language film on Netflix globally

From November 2021, has a site that reports the most viewed productions globally and by country, very valuable data that was previously very difficult to follow. In this site, for the first time a Peruvian title appears: the recently released “”.

According to this official site, the film starring Stephanie Cayo and Maxi Iglesias is located in the global Top 10 of non-English speaking films, located in second place in this section with 12,930,000 million views in its first week online. In addition, it appears in the Top 10 of 44 countries, Peru being the only country in which it has Position 1.

The information provided by this site classifies the titles according to the weekly hours viewed, the total number of hours that users watched each production on a given date. In this case, the reproductions from March 14 to 20 have been counted. “Until We Meet Again” premiered on streaming on Friday, March 18.

That same day, they premiered globally “”, a film with Lily Collins (from “Emily in Paris) and Jesse Plemons (from the Oscar-nominated “The Power of the Dog”); “Human Resources” (the spin-off of the animated series “Big Mouth”); and some productions from other international sources such as the Swedish film “Black Crab” (with Noomi Rapace); the French “Standing Up”, by Franny Herrero, the creator of “Call My Agent”; the Polish horror series “Monsters of Krakow”; and the South African reality show “Young, Famous & African,” the first of its kind to take place in Africa.

global figures of "Until we meet again". (Photo: Netflix)
Global figures of “Until we meet again”. (Photo: Netflix)

Of the premieres on March 18, the one that has had the best performance has been “Black Crab”, which appears in the Top 10 of 93 countries, according to the Netflix ranking. Another premiere that had a good performance was the American “Windfall”, with 45 countries in its Top 10, and finally the Peruvian “Until we meet again”, distributed internationally as “Without Saying Goodbye”, which appears in the Top 10. from 44 countries and in the Global Top Foreign Language Films, as the best non-US premiere, after the Swedish “Black Crab”.

figures of "Until we meet again" in Netflix's Top 10, which is updated every Tuesday.
Figures from “Until We Meet Again” in Netflix’s Top 10, which is updated every Tuesday.

The data by country can also be on the Netflix site.

According to Netflix, the Peruvian film has mainly achieved interest in Latin American countries, reaching the Top 10 in markets such as Mexico, Argentina, Brazil, Colombia and Chile. The second continent in which the film has had the most views is Europe (where countries such as Spain, Switzerland, Portugal and Greece stand out). The film has also reached the Top 10 in Africa (in Egypt and Morocco) and in Asia, in countries such as Israel, Jordan and Sri Lanka.

"Until we meet again" is the second most watched non-English language film on Netflix this week.
“Until We Meet Again” is the second most watched foreign-language film on Netflix this week.

In the previous week counted by Netflix, from March 7 to 13, 2022, in Peru the Hollywood films “The Adam Project” (with Ryan Reynolds) and “Spider-Man” films were ranked in the Top 10 movies, such as “Spider-Man 3” and “Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse.”

In the Top 10 of Peru, last week, several films of European origin also stood out, such as the Danish “A shadow in my eye”, the Russian “Chernobyl 1986″, the Danish and Icelandic co-production “Against The Ice” , the Korean “The Pirates: The Last Royal Treasure” and the American “The Weekend Away”, which takes place in Croatia.


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“Until We Meet Again” is the second most watched non-English language film on Netflix globally