Valentina Lizcano had surgery to stop having more children and explained why her husband did not

Original photo taken from Instagram @ValeLizcano
Original photo taken from Instagram @ValeLizcano

Valentina lizcano She is one of the most recognized actresses on Colombian television, because after her debut in the contest Novel protagonists, there were several productions that chose to include it within their casts and perhaps one of the most remembered is There is no one living here, series for which she won an India Catalina Award for ‘Best New Actress’.

For these and other reasons, the Caleña has managed to form a fairly large community of followers, whom surprised in recent hours with the announcement that he will not have any more childrenSome hoped to see her become a mother for the third time.

According to what was stated by Madeline Johana Lizcano Angulo (first name) through her Instagram account, recently decided to undergo a medical procedure to “close the factory”.

“I definitely don’t want to have any more children, so much so that I made the decision —because it’s my body— to have my tubes tied. No more, the factory is closing! With the two (children) that I have, there is already enough work to be done, “said Valentina Lizcano, who has always shown herself to be a passionate and defender of those who decide to be mothers” with conscience and clarity. “

The reactions to these words were immediate and although the vast majority congratulated her on this decision, there were also those who criticized the fact that it was not her husband who underwent surgery.

Faced with the questions, the artist reiterated that just as she is free to decide about her body, so is her husband Giulio Ianelli and if he did not want to or did not like it, he simply could not force him.


It should be remembered that on June 22, Valentina Lizcano and her husband welcomed their daughter Alma, who was born weighing 3,040 grams, as they both let it be known in one of the first publications they made about it.

“Every day I asked Salvador and my husband if they had proposals and we did not reach any agreement until I told them: ´- What if I ask her and tell her to speak to me in meditation or in my dreams as you want? to call? – (…) they said yes, and I did, I asked her and in meditation and I started: Alma, Alma, Alma, that name sounded familiar to me (…) I told them: I think she wants to call herself Alma ”, Lizcano said in an interview for AutoStar TV, as an explanation as to why your baby’s name.

In addition, a little over 6 years ago, in September 2014, the woman gave birth to Salvador Leyva, the result of a love affair between the actress and Ricardo Leyva Jr., son of the Colombian businessman Ricardo Leyva, with whom she could not sustain a relationship and to this day they hardly exchange words about the minor.

Given this statement, Lizcano’s followers began to question about Salvador’s relationship with his father, assuming that since she said she had no relationship with Leyva, then neither did the boy.

“Does Salvador no longer speak or see his father?” They immediately asked the Caleña and she replied: “I have never forbidden the child or the father to see each other. I ask for covid tests because the father travels a lot and has contact with many people, but they can always be seen ”, clarified the presenter, taking into account that she and Leyva live in different cities.

Finally, Valentina Lizcano clarified that “one thing is what happens with adults and quite another is to involve the child in what happens. My family and I have always instilled in Salvador the love and respect for his father ”.


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Valentina Lizcano had surgery to stop having more children and explained why her husband did not