Vicente Fernández already rests in his last resting place, the Los Tres Potrillos ranch

Like an everlasting king, so will he be remembered Vicente Fernandez not only for his loyal followers, but also for all those who were part of his close circle, his family and friends from the artistic environment, who gathered in privacy to be witnesses of the break from Charro de Huentitán in his last resting place, his ranch The Three Foals. After holding a present body mass open to the public on the Arena VFG, Alejandro Fernandez and his brothers, accompanied by the matriarch of the Fernández family, Mrs. Cuquita Abarca, led a last tour with the interpreter’s coffin to transfer him to the place where he now remains, this being the firm will of the singer, who had enormous affection for his roots and for the land where he was born, Jalisco.

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In the most emotional way, the attendees applauded the memory of the incomparable interpreter, who was buried inside this endearing ranch acquired by him in the 80s, as part of a dream that he managed to make come true in one of the most prolific moments of his career. The important event was attended by relatives of the musical idol, as well as close friends and workers who over the years collaborated with the singer, an approximate of just over 50 people. It should be noted that this ceremony was held privately, with the attendance of several celebrities who maintain close ties with the Fernándezes, such as Aida caves or the actor René Strickler, among others.

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Despite the fact that the burial was carried out privately, images of what happened inside the ranch have begun to circulate, making visible some photos of the singer’s grave, on which a sculpture of a rider riding a horse was placed, as shown TV and novels. At the same time, Don Chente’s relatives raised charro hats as a sign of farewell, raising the memory of the idol, who made of The Three Foals his refuge, a place where he not only built a home where he had the joy of reuniting his great family on several occasions, but also the place to fully indulge in another of his passions, charrería and horse breeding. , activities to which he dedicated the last years of his life, after making his retirement from the stage official in 2016.

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What Chente thought of death

If something characterized Vicente Fernández, it was the openness with which he used to talk about very personal issues, showing the closeness he liked to maintain with the press. Precisely, one of his most memorable interviews is the one he had with the journalist Mara Patricia Castañeda, who traveled to the family ranch to talk with the idol, whom he asked directly if he was afraid of death. “No. I believe a lot in God, I don’t believe a lot in other things. We are not saved from the lightning, but from the line, either. Then the day God wants to pick me up, because I’m fine (I’m leaving)… ”, said the singer.

For Don Vicente, faith was also a fundamental pillar in his life, so much so that within The Three Foals He built a chapel where he used to pray daily, a space in which he also kept old religious images that he used to ask for the well-being of his closest friends. “I don’t go to mass, but I have a Christ who has been with us for 56 years and I confess every day, every night I pray for you, for everyone… I confess with my Christ and it’s over. For me they are blessed (my saints). I come, cry and pray and vent to them… ”, he confessed to Mara Patricia.

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Vicente Fernández already rests in his last resting place, the Los Tres Potrillos ranch