Vicente Fernández gave Ángela Aguilar a gift: she remembered it in her last goodbye

On December 12, 2021, Vicente Fernández, one of the greatest exponents of Mexican regional music, passed away. Shortly after the announcement of his death, the displays of affection and respect from the fans and celebrities began, and some even gathered at the VFG Arena in Tlajomulco, where the ‘Charro de Huentitán’ was given the last goodbye. .

The Aguilar family fired Vicente Fernández

Pepe Aguilar and his family were some of those who came to pay their respects to the singer and Ángela Aguilar not only shared that moment on her Instagram account, but also took the opportunity to thank Vicente Fernández for a detail she had with her.

“But you are still the King. A great honor to have met him. A great privilege to have received your love. You will be eternal always accompanying us with your melodies. My condolences to his family, friends, and fans. Rest in peace, fly high ”, published the 18-year-old singer.

Along with the photographs of her family doing an honor guard at Vicente Fernández’s coffin, Ángela Aguilar also shared one where she shows the horse that ‘Chente’ gave her.

The story of the horse that Vicente Fernández gave to Ángela Aguilar

On June 18, 2021, Pepe Aguilar’s daughter shared a photograph on her Instagram account where she appears riding ‘Speedy’, the horse that Vicente Fernández gave her.

The foal is a Fernández breed specimen, a unique miniature horse in the world because it is the ‘Chente’ family who raise them.

“I had a Fernández horse that grew a little, but it danced and knelt down and I sent it to Angela as a gift; then she spoke to me to thank me,” Vicente Férnandez explained

Celebrities mourn the loss of ‘The King’

The tribute to Vicente Fernández was held at the VFG Arena, located in Tlajomulco de Zúñiga, Jalisco. Thousands of people gathered to that place and its surroundings to pay their last respect to the singer.

In addition to his children, Alejandro, Gerardo and Vicente, Pepe Aguilar and his family also attended. Edith Marquéz was also present and visibly affected, she said goodbye by kissing the coffin.

Several celebrities used social networks to say goodbye to Vicente Fernández, such as Thalia, who published a video of a tribute that was given to the singer in life.

“Many of us like me grew up with your music and your movies, and every time we listen to your songs, we go back to our childhood when life was simple and fun,” said Thalia.

“I will always remember you legend, thank you for the incredible legacy you have left. Rest in peace ”, wrote Marc Anthony next to a photograph next to ‘Chente’.

Ricky Martin He also published several photographs along with an emotional message, where he tells how his relationship with Vicente Fernández was.

“I am heartbroken. Don Chente with me was an angel all his life. He loved me very much and I loved him “

Vicente Fernández’s legacy even goes beyond musical genres, as he demonstrated Maluma with his farewell on Instagram.

“You will continue to be” THE KING. ” A hug full of strength to your family that I love and appreciate so much “

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Vicente Fernández gave Ángela Aguilar a gift: she remembered it in her last goodbye