Vicente Fernández Passing Sees Celebrities Remembering This Icon

Our communities are in mourning over the death of legendary ranchera singer Vicente Fernández, who passed away Sunday (December 12) at the age of 81.

“It was an honor and a great pride to share with everyone a great music career and to give everything for his audience,” a statement read on his social media. “Thank you for continuing to applaud, thank you for continuing to sing.”

Colleagues throughout our communities were quick to share their thoughts about the death of “El Charro de Huentitán.”

Gloria Estefan

“Today is a difficult and painful day for the world of music with the loss of a Mexican titan who, for decades, carried his roots and culture in style throughout the world. Don Vicente Fernandez leaves us a legacy of songs, films and new generations that will follow his musical mission and raise his name with each note they sing. My condolences to his loved ones and each of the people who love and respect him. I am one of his great fans and I will continue to love, respect and admire him for the great person he was and the deep traces he leaves in history. “


“You will continue being” The King. ” A hug full of strength to your family that I love and appreciate so much. “

The North Tigers

“With great pain we have to say goodbye to one of the greats of Mexican musical history. Rest in peace, Don Vicente Fernández. We will always remember him, and we thank him for the legacy he leaves for all of us. His word will remain law. “


“Vicente Fernández, the greatest of the ranchera singers, also from Jalisco. Blessings to our brother [Alejandro Fernández] and to all his family. Rest in peace, Chente. “

Paquita of the neighborhood

“My love, my thanks forever. Don Vicente Fernández, dear friend. Rest in peace. “

Ricky Martin

“I am heartbroken. Don Chente with me was an angel all his life. He loved me very much and I loved him. Whenever I went to Guadalajara he came to my concerts and the only thing that comforts my soul, at this moment, is that every time we saw each other I told him how important he was to me. All my love and strength to his family and all of us who suffered this great loss. “


“Thank you, Don Vicente Fernández, for taking your great talent to the whole world through our beautiful Mexican music. Many of us like me grew up with your music and your movies, and every time we listen to your songs, we go back to our childhood when life was simple and fun. There is no person in any corner of the world who when listening to / Volver Volver, ” El Rey, ” La Ley del Monte, ” Mujeres Divinas’ in your voice, does not feel the need to be in their Mexico listening to a good mariachi and sipping a tequila. Much peace and prayers for your beautiful family. “

Marc Anthony

“I will always remember you, legend. Thank you for the incredible legacy you have left. Rest in peace. “

Gloria Trevi

“It had to be on this day, in the arms of our Mexican queen, the Virgin of Guadalupe to go up to heaven with God … long live the King!”

Mario Lopez

“Vicente Fernandez was not just a singer. He was the voice of a culture who filled the households of many of us who grew up listening to his songs. His music is the soundtrack to a ton of memories. Today, all of Mexico and the world mourn one of the best ever. Damn, I’m sad …


“The legend of all legends. You will be missed but never forgotten. May you enjoy yourself in heaven and throw a Tequilasoooo from King to King, Give him Master! “

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Vicente Fernández Passing Sees Celebrities Remembering This Icon