VIDEO | Daniela Alvarado’s brother spoke about his absence at the actress’s wedding


Carlos Daniel Alvarado, brother of the popular actress Daniela Alvarado and son of the remembered actor, Daniel Alvarado, spoke about his absence from the actress’s wedding with fellow actor José Manuel Suárez. Alvarado’s pronouncement was given during an interview with Globovisión’s Saturday night program.

“I have the right as an individual not to explain if I stopped going, if they didn’t invite me, I don’t have to explain it. She is my family, she is my sister and I love her. I don’t have to go into that and make it public, “he said. Alvarado, who despite the insistence of the cheerleaders remained firm to avoid falling into controversy.

Carlos Daniel maintained that despite being very different and having different criteria, they have always been very good brothers. He assured that his close circle knows what each of them is like. «I love my sister deeply and she loves me deeply, I am sure of that. I will never speak ill of my sister, we have always been very close. We do have very different characters, people who know us know it, “he said.

The young actor clarified that despite not having attended the wedding, he did follow everything through social networks. He was happy because he assured that everything was very nice. He also stated that he loves his sister and his entire family, so they will never see him make any negative comments against her.

«What he created for me is always in love, in the love that I have for my sister. I wish you all the success in the world in your marriageor her and José Manuel; in all his life projects. Besides, I saw the wedding and I saw that everything was beautiful that they had a great time, great, they partied. You cannot make a storm because I am not the protagonist of the moment, the protagonist of the moment is my sister, “he argued.

His father’s book

Carlos Daniel’s visit to the Saturday night program was to promote the biography of his father, actor Daniel Alvarado. He recalled that he gave a copy to President Nicolás Maduro because he is someone he admires and that must be respected. He reiterated that his political thinking is leftist, but beyond that his attendance at the International Book Fair was to promote his father’s legacy.

He informed that 100 copies of the book have already been printed and that 1000 more copies will soon be printed. The young actor reaffirmed that he is very proud of what his father did in life, which is why he works hard to promote his legacy.

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VIDEO | Daniela Alvarado’s brother spoke about his absence at the actress’s wedding