Video: Daughter of Carmen Salinas shows what her house looks like four months after her death

Contrary to what usually happens with several celebrities, where their relatives share the assets after their death, in the case of Carmen Salinas It has not been like that, because famous house in mexico city remains intact four months after his unfortunate departure.

The property, located in the Verónica Anzures neighborhood and which has belonged to the Salinas family for more than five decades, it was inherited in life to María Eugenia Plascenciathe daughter of the beloved first actress, who has taken it upon herself to respect her legacy and her memory.

In recent days, María Eugenia received a visit from the cameras of the Mexican program “Venga la Alegría” at the residence, which allowed us to see what she looks like today.

“He remains the same, even his bag, his bedroom as he had it. We have not touched anything, ”shared her daughter.

The heiress explained that she has not yet assimilated the departure of the famous ‘Corcholata’because there are times that he has come to think that he is on one of his many tours, so he trusts that one day he will return to the one that became his home after winning the lottery.

“It has been difficult for me because I feel like he is going on his trips, to work abroad. I still feel respect and that is why I have not been able to touch anything, enter, or open, ”she confessed in the interview.

In addition to talking about memories of his mother, María Eugenia also gave a tour of the bedroom and the study, the favorite rooms of the beloved ‘Aventurera’.

“He liked to watch TV here a lot. I came with her at night to watch soap operas, the news, and now I really miss her for that. Here are her glasses, her notebook, her gel and her pills, just as she left it, ”said the heiress, while she showed the study.

Although she has not yet moved anything from the property, María Eugenia does not rule out the possibility of setting up a museum where the photographs, awards and dresses used by the celebrity throughout her career are exhibited, she even contemplates the possibility of giving away part of the costumes to imitators of his mother.

This is the house of Carmen Salinas in Mexico City

Kitchen room

The kitchen stands out for its brick walls, for being spacious and for being very well distributed. There was a white cupboard, stainless steel appliances, and still room for a circular dining table that seats five brown chairs with pistachio seats.

Living room

In the living room, located just to one side of the main room and the staircase that connects to the second floor, there were two individual green armchairs.

There, too, she enjoyed a coffee table and two coffee-colored side tables, a fireplace, and several photographs of her loved ones.

main room

The main room attracted attention for its sofas, which stood out for their flowery tapestry and for its wooden coffee table, as well as for its side tables with various photo frames.

On the walls there were several paintings, while the lighting is provided by an old chandelier.


The library was made up of a large bookcase in which Carmelita not only stored hundreds of books, but it is also there where she kept some of the awards she received throughout her career.

There he also had a sofa with flowery tapestry, a desk with a computer and several of the caricatures that they made over the years.

main bedroom

Her bedroom consisted of a large bed with a coffee-colored headboard and bedding that combined white and pistachio colors.

It also had a small table, a dresser with a mirror, an altar for his loved ones who came before him on the way, with various images of angels and saints, as well as several photographs with gold frames.


The bathroom in his bedroom was a bit small, only having space for a vanity unit, a toilet, and a shower with a transparent screen.

The space in the room was so small that Carmen Salinas had to manage to fit all the items she used for her personal care.

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Video: Daughter of Carmen Salinas shows what her house looks like four months after her death