VIDEO: Doña Rosa strongly criticizes Chiquis: “I feel very sorry”

  • Doña Rosa made strong on the photos published by Chiquis Rivera
  • Juan Rivera declared: “If it were my daughter, I would talk to her”
  • Juan breaks the silence about his relationship with Lupillo: “We have never gotten along”

Doña Rosa criticizes Chiquis: Jenni’s mother has been harshly criticized again for speaking ill of her granddaughter, and she was with her daughter, Juan, who did not miss the opportunity to complain about their grandchildren. These statements were made by both at the time.

It was through Javier Ceriani’s Instagram that the Riveras gave their respective points of view about Chiquis’ attitude, and it is that the statements made by Janney’s grandmother were not favorable at all, and it is for this reason, that hundreds of criticisms are raining down on him.

Juan Rivera says that Chiquis should be respected

Doña Rosa criticizes Chiquis
VIDEO; Instagram

A reporter from ‘Gossip No Like’ stopped the Riveras to ask what they thought about a compromising photo that Chiquis posted on her Instagram recently. What Juan replied has infuriated many, even the fans think that it seems “illogical” to them, since his daughter does the same.

“If it were my daughter, I would talk to her, I would tell her ‘daughter you don’t occupy that’, I don’t want people to see you that way. It doesn’t matter that everyone does it, Chiquis is an adult woman, and she should think more about the things she does, “he said. John Rivera to Gossip No Like.

Doña Rosa criticizes Chiquis: Doña Rosa gives her opinion of Chiquis’s photos: “It’s sad”

Doña Rosa criticizes Chiquis
VIDEO: Instagram

For her part, Janey’s grandmother, and mother of the late singer, Jenni Rivera, gave his point of view on the actions that Chiquis does. It should be remembered that Doña Rosa disagrees with many things that her granddaughter has done, as well as defending her children and saying that her grandchildren are “ungrateful”…

“Well, it’s embarrassing, but if she likes it, and if she uses marketing that way, then that’s it. She is pretty and everything and I don’t need it, but everyone does what they want ”. Doña Rosa Saavedra expressed for Gossip No Like. (WATCH THE FULL VIDEO HERE)

Criticism rains down on Doña Rosa and Juan

Doña Rosa criticizes Chiquis
VIDEO; Instagram

Some of the fans of the interpreter of “I want to wake up with someone”, came out in defense of it, as some commented that Doña Rosa I shouldn’t ‘add more fuel to the fire’On the other hand, others say that they should feel more sorry for stealing Jenni’s money from their grandchildren…

“They should be more sorry to steal from their grandchildren”, “What it does madam Rosa God doesn’t like it either, she should unite the family and stop adding fuel to the fire”, “Juan becomes worthy and although his daughter does the same things, he also uploads very provocative photos”, “Chiquis that shows what that she is given her free will, after all, she supports herself”.

Doña Rosa criticizes Chiquis: “Poor grandchildren”

Doña Rosa criticizes Chiquis
PHOTO: Mezcaliente

Javier Ceriani’s followers expressed their dissatisfaction with the words expressed by Doña Rosa, some said “poor grandchildren having a grandmother like this”, others saying that what use is the church, if she is a very bad person, and More comments like this:

“This lady does not respect the memory of her daughter, why does she have to be speaking ill of her grandchildren? By God, she is too old to be in these gossip”, “But if the daughter also showed her curves, but since the daughter gave her money, the lady was quiet there”, “And what is the problem that she shows? Is it her body or her lady’s? ”.

Doña Rosa criticizes Chiquis: Juan defends his mother at all costs

VIDEO; Instagram

It has become more than clear from Juan, that his mother is one of the people he loves the most, that is why he wanted to dedicate an emotional message to her, and incidentally, defend her from her attackers, he went to his mother, Mrs. Rosa, whom he described as the strongest being he knew, apart from saying that she is a hard-working, cheerful, grumpy, funny, noble, faithful and loyal woman.

“You might think I’m saying this because of everything that’s happened since my sister Jenni’s departure, but no, I’m saying this because of everything she’s lived through and endured all her life, from infidelity to domestic abuse, her daughter’s departure and destruction of his family. A woman so criticized for her ‘way of being’, criticized for his fidelity to God and his beliefs. Without a doubt, she, like all of us, has her flaws, but that woman has so much dignity”.

Juan confesses that he never had a good relationship with Lupilllo

Would Lupillo Rivera have liked to grow old next to Belinda?
YouTube photo

What stands out the most from the text that Jenni’s brother wrote was the following, where the music producer confesses that he could never get along with his brother Lupillo, because there was always a lot of confusion and pain, he declared that since he was a child, he has always been so.

“There is a lot of confusion, and the truth is pain. I have never understood why our relationship was like this, since we were children. I always wanted to have a relationship like that, of close brothers, but it was never possible. Juan Rivera expressed through a statement.

Doña Rosa criticizes Chiquis: “It’s not only Lupe’s fault…”

PHOTO: Mezcaliente

Juan kept nothing to himself, and through his words he expressed the “immense pain” he has suffered because of the bad relationship he has had with Lupillo since childhood. Doña Rosa’s son ended by saying that although he does not seem like it, he does not hold a grudge against Lupillo, or anyone…

“I don’t blame Lupe, I have also failed, but this is the truth of our relationship. I only know that in this life there is no person who has hurt me, offended me or hit me more than Lupe. Do I hold a grudge? I don’t know, there are times I say no and there are times I think yes. What I do know is that I am afraid to see it, I don’t know how I would react, “said Juan.

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VIDEO: Doña Rosa strongly criticizes Chiquis: “I feel very sorry”