Video: Gerardo Fernández, Vicente Fernández’s son, accused of ties to drug trafficking

In the book of “The Last King”, an unauthorized biography that talks about Vicente Fernandez, written by the Argentine author Olga wornat, there is talk of the alleged links of Gerardo Fernandez, son of the Huentitán charro with the drug trafficking.

It is a description of the identity of the less public son of Vicente, Gerardo, the one that could be the darkest personage of the Fernandez clan.

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His bad relationship with his siblings, his possible ties to him drug trafficking, the possibility of having been involved in the kidnapping of Vicente Jr., the money conflicts he had with celebrities such as Juan Gabriel and other atrocities frame the figure of who was the representative of his father during much of Vicente’s career.

“I began to receive information and testimonies from relatives of the family and they all told me ‘be careful with Gerardo, he is dangerous’ and they told me tremendous things,” recalled the Argentine author.

Wornat assured that he contacted Gerardo, who not only refused to enter into a conversation with her but, he assured, treated her in the worst possible way.

The book even begins at a crucial moment in the life of Don Chente, the kidnapping of her firstborn, Vicente Fernandez Jr.

“There are two ways to start a book, chronologically or when I understand that there is something in that person’s life that has caused an emotional breakdown,” explains Wornat.

The second is the journalist’s favorite form, and she found behind that intact figure of an unbreakable man that Chente reflected, the two pains that she could never overcome: “The death of her mother and the kidnapping that she never told and that I do count. ”.

With everything documented and with close family and judicial testimonies, Wornat confesses: “What I write is because I have a way to prove it, I have much more that I did not want to publish so as not to hurt people.”

This is in response to the surprising reaction of Vicente Jr. who now accuses her of defamation and who contacted the journalist to claim her.

This left Wornat perplexed, since he claims he contacted him to teach him the work and that due to the circumstances it was impossible.

“I do not write fairy tales, it is not a condescending biography with him because I think he was not even (with himself), he is a man without a filter”, assures Wornat de Fernández, nicknamed the Charro de Huentitán, who in the last four months presented serious complications in his state of health, which finally led to his death at 81 years of age.

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Video: Gerardo Fernández, Vicente Fernández’s son, accused of ties to drug trafficking