VIDEO: Marco Antonio Regil reveals the powerful reason why he ended up with Adamari López

One of the most coveted bachelors on Hispanic television is undoubtedly the famous Mexican driver, Marco Antonio RegilThey have even nicknamed him the unmarried, and apparently it is real because in an interview with Yordi Rosado, he talked about his love affairs and his breakups, especially the one he starred in with the renowned Telemundo presenter, Adamari Lopez

And is that Regil was very in love with the also actress, but Marco pointed out that there was a factor that prevented him from continuing with the relationship no matter how compatible they were, and this was because he could not accept that she had to do bed scenes or kiss scenes

According to the driver, Adamari was always a professional and respectful person, so her feeling was not related to jealousy, but to a treatment that she could not accept: “That’s my little mouth, why are they kissing me?”

In this way, both had a romance that lasted only three months, so the separation was not so conflictive and they were able to overcome it without major complications.

Among other romances he spoke of is the one who lived with Silvia Salgado, with whom he had a good relationship, but who both had a completely different lifestyle, so they lived it in discussions.

He stressed that while she and her family were very conservative, while he was very liberal. During the talk, he said that it was a very difficult and painful decision for both of them: “The best thing that could have happened to her and to me was to separate.”

He revealed that the two used to fight because they did not understand each other and described the character of the two as toxic. He said that he even took her out of a party making her a scene of jealousy.

He added that everything was going smoothly for the marriage until one day talking with Enrique Segoviano, who produced “Atínale al Precio”, he caught his attention for arriving in a bad mood at work. At the same time, a psychologist told him that he should take care of his mental health to carry out his work in a more professional way: “I felt that I could make a mistake.”

The straw that broke the camel’s back, he narrated, occurred one day when she called him on the phone before starting to record. During this talk, the two started arguing, so he went out on set upset.

At the end of the program, he traveled to Monterrey to formally break the relationship. Marco Antonio said that the family did not understand what happened between them, but that he knows that it was the best for both of them: “She wanted a man who was like her family and her dad and now she has him.”

He stressed that he did not marry Laura Elizondo because of her fault and immaturity, because when there were problems with her, he did not know how to face adversity and decided to end the relationship: “If I could go back in time, I would have married Laura Elizondo.”

He assured that, although he loves her with all his heart, he is happy that she has her own family, since he described her as a person who worked as a team, was his partner and also helped him in the essential moments of the relationship: “It was 100 percent my responsibility.”

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VIDEO: Marco Antonio Regil reveals the powerful reason why he ended up with Adamari López