Video of Lalo Mora touching the buttocks of a fan comes to light: it is his third scandal due to improper touching

At the beginning of October, Lalo Mora was at the center of the controversy when a video went viral where it is appreciated that he puts his hand to a follower under the dress at chest level to grab a breast. Almost a month later, the Mexican regional singer returns to controversy.

Now another video came to light where a fan takes the stage to dance with him and, while hugging her around the waist, he lowered one of his hands to put it on the buttock of the woman, who kept dancing.

Several users of social networks attacked him again and pointed to him as a “stalker”: “This man does not learn”, “For some they pay all”, “That old man is disgusting”, “A pin … sick is what he is” , it is read in the account Chicapicosa, where the recent video of the singer circulates.

They assure that the singer Lalo Mora has already been sued by the fanatic who improperly touched

Lalo Mora is designated as a “stalker”

On October 5, a video went viral showing that the former vocalist of Los Invasores de Nuevo León touched a fan’s breast without her consent after she asked him for a photograph at the end of a concert in Pico Rivera, California.

The images show that the interpreter of ‘The King of a Thousand Crowns’ puts his hand to the woman inside her blouse at chest level, a situation that apparently it made her uncomfortable and for which she was immediately removed.

Social networks turned to what happened with insults and messages of outrage, They even suggested that the follower file legal actions against Lalo Mora for sexual harassment and abuse.

On October 7, the singer offered an apology for what happened: “There they excuse me by all means, I feel very sorry,” he told the Mexican program ‘Gossip’.

On the 25th of the same month, he gave his version and again apologized to his follower for touching her breast: “I was going to fall, the girl was scared, she threw me, no, I did not hold on, she simply got scared and she threw me,” she said. to ‘Today’ without giving more details.

Other times that Lalo Mora has been criticized for improperly touching his fans

In July 2020, the former member of Los Invasores de Nuevo León was accused of breaking health regulations amid the coronavirus pandemic, after kiss on the mouth and hug his followers.

After a presentation in the state of Aguascalientes, Mexico, the singer let some of his fans take a picture with him and one of them kissed her for several seconds on the mouth. To another he gave a kiss and hugged her while he put his hand under her blouse to touch her waist area.

On October 8, the local deputy in the LXII Legislature of the Congress of the state of San Luis Potosí, Mexico, Pedro Carrizales ‘El Mijis’, He went to the Attorney General’s Office (FGR) to initiate legal actions against the former vocalist of Los Invasores del Norte and told the newspaper El Universal that said institution is empowered to investigate crimes abroad.

“It is not the first time that he does it, there have been many and what we are trying to do is that violence against women is not normalized, that it does not become customary. If you don’t believe me, you can get on the subway and ask the women about the harassment, “he told the tabloid.

According to information presented by reporter Elizabeth Curiel in El Gordo y La Flaca, the woman he attacked by touching her breast without her consent filed legal action against the singer.

Lalo Mora was born on January 24, 1947 in the municipality of Los Ramones, Nuevo León, Mexico. He began his career at age 20 in the duet Lupe y Lalo. It was in 1978 when he rose to fame as a member of Los Invasores de Nuevo León. In 1993 he left the group to launch himself as a soloist, since then he has continued his career with the musical stages of Mexico and the United States.

Among his best-known hits are ‘The King of a Thousand Crowns’, ‘Let the Fire not Go Off’, ‘The Man Who Loved You the Most’, ‘Go with him’, ‘My New House’, among others.

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Video of Lalo Mora touching the buttocks of a fan comes to light: it is his third scandal due to improper touching