Video: Russian influencers break down in tears after Instagram ban in the country

The Instagram social network, owned by the American giant Meta, is not accessible this March 14 in Russia; his authorities accuse him of spreading calls for violence against the Russians, in relation to the conflict in Ukraine.

This Monday morning, the application could not be updated and it was impossible to access the page without VPN, AFP journalists verified.

Instagram is now on the list of sites with “restricted access” published by the telecommunications regulator Roskomnadzoras is already the case with Facebook, Twitter and media critical of Russian power.

It should be remembered that Facebook and Instagram are widely used in Russia, and among young people, Instagram is the most popular social network. Also, many small Russian businesses use this platform for advertising, sales and as a way of communicating with their customers.

However, as in most of the Western world, this social network is also important for Russian influencers, who, upon hearing the news and seeing that this Monday is a reality, did not hesitate to show their sadness; some even cried.

“I’m not afraid to admit that I don’t want to lose them (in reference to their followers)”said Olga Buzova, one of the most popular Russian content creators, who has 23.3 million followers and who with tears in her eyes said she fears not knowing what the future may hold for her.

Likewise, he indicated that the blocking of Instagram in Russia represents, more than the loss of a job or an economic income, a wound to his own heart and his lifestyle. “I only shared my life, my work and my soul. I did not do all this as a job for me, this is part of my soul. It feels like a big part of my heart and my life is being taken away. Away from me ”, indicated Buzova in a video that he uploaded, precisely, to this social network.

The same thought was shown by Karina Nigay, a influencer whose main topic of conversation on virtual platforms is fashion. This young woman has about three million followers and, contrary to what Instagram means for Olga Buzova, for this influencer it is her only way to have an economic income.

“This is my job. Imagine that you have just been completely fired from work and you do not receive any income, but at the same time you have expenses for your family, for your team if you have subordinates, and suddenly you have nothing to do, “he said.

Likewise, he wrote: “The stages come gradually. Now I am in the stage of resentment, the stage of acceptance is still far away. But I have to be strong for my family, team (…) Now we are closing a great book, we miss the plot and the characters, we want the story to continue, but as soon as we find a new reading and that’s it, we’ll dive into another no less interesting reality! With new characters, new plots.”

However, the shock was so great that even another influencer assured that more than a job, More than a source of fun, Instagram was her “soul” for her and she was sure that her life would also be divided with her blocking.

“Do you think that for me, as an Instagram influencer, this is a source of income?” (…) For me, everything is life. It is the soul. It’s the only thing I wake up with, go to sleep with. For five years in a row,” said the content creator, whose name was not released, through a video made famous by the Russian news channel Next TV.

According to Instagram boss Adam Mosseri, the restrictions in Russia will cut off more than 80 million people from the world.

*With information from AFP.

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Video: Russian influencers break down in tears after Instagram ban in the country