Violeta Isfel is hospitalized in an emergency

A great scare caused the 36-year-old Mexican actress, Isfel Violetafter presenting a serious health problem that caused him to be hospitalized emergency. The actress herself Dare to dream Y Because love rulesnarrated what happened from the hospital, where she was being treated.

Through a live broadcast on Instagram, Isfel Violet She reported that she felt like dying, after having suffered severe dehydration, which risked her life and the normal function of her body, for which she had to be hydrated in an emergency.

The 36-year-old actress herself narrated what happened, assuring that it started with Stomach problems very strong days before being hospitalized, in fact, just when the competitions of The Stars Dance Todaywhere he participates daily.

“Since I started Las Estrellas Bailan in Hoy, the first day, there I got a strange diarrhea and vomiting, then they treated me on Televisa, they gave me an antibiotic and everything, and the following days I was fine, hydrating myself, and so on,” he said.

Nevertheless, Isfel Violet He pointed out that, although everything seemed to be going well, days later his health began to get complicated, feeling bad and with the same stomach problem as at the beginning, for which he began to worry.

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“But at the end of last week I started to feel bad, like I couldn’t get back to normal bathing, I kept having diarrhea, literal water, and I said this isn’t right, I’m going to dehydrate. I lost a lot of weight, I started to get scared, ”she acknowledged.

“I arrived dry, I arrived with a level of dehydration that I would not wish on anyone, so they took blood from me, as much as they could, it was not possible because it turned out that my little veins dried up just the same, so there was no way to channel myself until I already had it. they got. And they have been hydrating me because the most worrying thing of all is the severe dehydration that I brought, ”she added.

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After several medical studies, and above all the urgency of rehydrating her due to the excessive loss of liquids that she presented, the doctors who treated the actress of lol, once upon a time Y Hurrah for the childrenThey got the diagnosis.

“They have kept me hydrated as if there were no tomorrow, they did all the pertinent studies… They were worried because it was a parasite and it turns out not… I have amoebas, two amoebas, something like that the doctor told me,” he explained.

Isfel Violet She added that, according to the explanation of the doctors who treated her, the amoebae that they found were caused by eating some contaminated food, since in the hot season it is more common for it to occur due to the high temperatures that spoil food. However, she clarified that she is already recovering favorably.

“I’m doing very well, I’m already recovering more and more. The doctor says that I am responding well, that the safest thing is that I will be discharged tomorrow (that is, this Thursday), then that is already a great relief, ”he concluded.

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Violeta Isfel is hospitalized in an emergency