Viral video of Miss Universe meowing like a cat: Did Reina feel mocked?

Miss India meowing like a cat

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Miss India Harnaaz Sandhu turned out meowing like a cat in Miss Universe

It’s only been a couple of days since Harnaaz Sandhu, the beautiful representative of India, was proclaimed as the new Miss Universe, and in the midst of the messages of congratulations and the interviews that the queen has offered after her triumph, the detail of her meowing like a cat on stage, continues to give much of what to talk about.

“I heard you do some pretty good animal impersonations. Let’s hear your best, ”Harvey said, to which the queen responded,“ Oh my God Steve, I wasn’t expecting to do this on a world stage… but I’ll have to, I have no choice… Everyone get ready. ”

And it is that despite the fact that the Miss Universe knew how to get around with great elegance and naturalness the request of the presenter Steve Harvey to imitate an animal before millions of viewers watching it all over the world, after expressing his surprise, the 21-year-old girl made the meow of a cat perfectly, which was made viral and to this day it continues to be reproduced on social networks.

Miss India Surprises Audience Meowing Like A Cat And Joins Miss Universe Finalist Group#missuniverse #Miss #telemundo2021-12-13T02: 20: 04Z

The Miss India won the applause, but Steve Harvey was again criticized for those strange outings that perhaps seem funny to him and that not only are not very funny, but they are uncomfortable for the contestants.

After winning the crown of Miss Universe, many reporters have asked Harnaaz if she felt offended or even mocked for having to meow like a cat at Steve Harvey, and the queen stated that she was undoubtedly surprised by the animator’s request, but already at that point she chose to do something funny, that has nothing to do with the format of the show.

Miss India Wins Miss Universe With Help of Cat ImpressionA new Miss Universe has been crowned, this year from India. Haarnaz Sandhu, a 21-year-old actress from India, broke down in tears when she beat out 79 other hopefuls from around the world. The swimsuit competition featured more modest swimwear than previous years, with the winner donning a one-piece. Host Steve Harvey is getting some…2021-12-13T23: 03: 20Z

In dialogue with Inside, Miss Universe acknowledged feeling surprised at the moment, but showed that she is a woman who knows how to overcome discomfort, and said that she did it and had fun.

Although the queen took it on the friendly side, on the internet thousands of netizens do not stop attacking Harvey, not only because putting the queen to meow was very strange, but because they did not use those minutes to show more of the capabilities of the beautiful india.

Phrases like: “how stupid is Harvey mistreating this woman like that”, “Harvey and his silly jokes again”, “why they keep bringing this clown to the show” soon filled the networks to show the annoyance.

And showing that she knows how to do better things than meow, the new Miss Universe has used her voice these days to send inspiring messages to her audience about the importance of believing in themselves and fighting against stereotypes.

“We did it,” commented the beauty queen, applauding her feat. “🥺 I said in my final answer that I believed in myself, and that’s why I was on that stage,” said Miss Universe, who is also a defender of the fight against climate change and the empowerment of women,

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Viral video of Miss Universe meowing like a cat: Did Reina feel mocked?