Viridiana Alatriste: the tragic story of the day Silvia Pinal’s daughter died

MEXICO CITY, October 25 (EL UNIVERSAL) .- On October 25, 1983, the Pinal family suffered one of the worst losses; Viridiana, daughter of Silvia Pinal and Gustavo Alatriste, died in a car accident at the age of 19. This not only marked the end of a promising career in show business, it also caused immense pain for his mother.

Viridiana Alatriste Pinal was born on January 17, 1963. She was the only daughter between Silvia Pinal and Gustavo Alatriste; They named her Viridiana in honor of the film by Spanish director Luis Buñuel, which starred the Mexican film diva.

She was a very outgoing young woman, inherited her mother’s beauty and was curious about the world of entertainment from a young age. Her debut in the theater was at the age of 13, in the staging “Annie is a shot”, with her mother.

By 1979, when he was 16 years old, he participated in the telenovela “Honrarás a los tuyos”. A year later he appeared in the movie “La Seducción”, where he shared credits with Katy Jurado and Gonzalo Vega; Thanks to this work, she was nominated for an Ariel Award in 1982, in the category of Best Female Co-performance; however, he did not keep the statuette.

Viridiana decided to abandon her studies to dedicate herself fully to her artistic career and began to have more important roles; in theater he acted in “Tartufo o el Impostor” and “La Fierecilla Tomada”.

Appeared in the comedy show “Cachún cachún ra ra!”, where he met Jaime Garza, with whom he began a love affair.

The terrible death of Viridiana Alatriste

On October 25, Viridiana Alatriste had dinner with her friends Gerardo González, Ariane Pellicer and José Flores. Then she went to her boyfriend’s house, Jaime Garza, where they had organized a party; the plan was to go for a while and return home, as she was very tired.

There was much speculation about drug use that night; however, the witnesses assure that the young woman did not consume anything, she did not even drink alcohol. She also did not argue with her partner, she had simply been working continuously for more than 12 hours and felt tired. Before midnight, Viridiana got into her car to go home to rest; Jaime said goodbye to her from the balcony.

The specific cause of the accident is not known, but the young woman’s car overturned in the Santa Fe area, in Mexico City; He was not wearing a seat belt, so he was thrown out and suffered a severe blow to the temple. As the area was not fully urbanized, it took them a while to find it and identify the body.

His sister, Sylvia Pasquel, had to identify the body, and she explained that on the side of Toluca Avenue, as there was no roadblock, “the car was followed and flew up.”

When Silvia Pinal received the news, it was a brutal shock. The actress was devastated, so she asked for an autopsy to be dispensed and that her daughter’s body be buried as soon as possible in the family mausoleum, in the Garden Pantheon.

New tragedy in the Pinal Dynasty

Sylvia Pasquel married Fernando Frade, with whom she had her second daughter, in 1985, whom she named Viridiana in honor of her sister who died two years earlier.

Some time later, misfortune was once again present in the Pinal family, because on October 27, 1987, the little girl died at 2 years of age, in an accident in a swimming pool, leaving her mother plunged into a deep depression .


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Viridiana Alatriste: the tragic story of the day Silvia Pinal’s daughter died