Viviana Canosa will denounce L-Gante for gender violence: she will ask for a compensation of 15 million pesos

Viviana Canosa will sue L-Ghent
Viviana Canosa will sue L-Ghent

Some days ago, L-Ghent gave a free show at Tecnopolis. “This is my gift to everyone. Free entry at no cost to the State. No political flag. It’s me who wants to give a show to my country and the best place I found is Tecnópolis, which is ours, not a party, not a candidate or referent. Hold on Argentina and the stew! ”, Announced the artist on his networks, from where he also broadcast his presentation via streaming.

after the show, Viviana Canosa and the musician starred in a strong back and forth on social networks. It all started after a photo of a child was shared on the Tecnópolis Facebook profile making the typical gesture that a musician makes with his hands up. “This is the endurance,” they wrote in the post in which they recorded the event, thus summarizing the day that had been lived.

Viviana Canosa's post
Viviana Canosa’s post

Then the journalist echoed and, taking a screenshot of that publication, reflected: “This is how they love your children” and encouraged his followers to “wake up”: “Submissive, passive… poor, rough. That’s how they love you. This is ‘the stamina’. Do not want you. Wake up.”

Quickly, the musician went out to answer him on his social networks: “Look at her daring.” And he recorded a video to reply: “What’s up Viviana Carnosa? Passive will be your choma that you grab it with a minor boy to unload your disgusting hatred”.

L-Ghent's response
L-Ghent’s response

In dialogue with teleshowthe lawyer Juan Manuel DraganiCanosa’s lawyer, announced that the fact will go to the legal field. “What L-Gante questions Viviana is that photo saying that she exposed a minor, but the reality is that this is not a photo, it is a screenshot of a video published by Tecnópolis. It is not that she went and filmed it or they passed it on to her and uploaded it to her networks, because that would have been a legal issue, because she would be exposing a minor. But what she did was replicate a photo that was uploaded and, metaphorically, draw a parallel with reality, which is an inexorable reality. Afterwards, each one can generate the subjectivities they want, nobody has the last word”.

“Obviously, I consider and in this, I endorse Viviana, in that the lyrics that this boy sings, or at least in most of them, defend crime. Without a doubt. So what Viviana does does not incur any violation, although she is a minor, she takes a screenshot of an image that Tecnópolis uploaded and what she wields is within the framework of freedom of expression and other voices can say other things, “he added. the lawyer on the same page as the journalist.

The video of L-Ghent in which he responds to Viviana Canosa

“What L-Gante does, when the arguments run out, is to attack her as a woman and that without a doubt It is part of a complaint for gender violence that we are going to do now. This is manifestly exposed, we already have all the screenshots to prevent him from deleting them, the clerk is about to give them to me in a while, certified and I estimate that later, we will be able to file the complaint. And besides, we are going to make a presentation for slander and libel, because she feels injured by the terms of this boy and we are going to file a civil action to request compensation for damages and losses. The money obtained, both my fees and the translation of the trial, we are going to donate”, advances Dragani who assures that everything collected will be donated to some charitable activity.

As for the legal times that the process may take, the lawyer assures that it will be quite expeditious. “Criminal action is fast, you have to go through a process. After the complaint for gender violence they are going to quickly summon him while in the lawsuit for slander and insults Viviana will have to ratify it first and then a hearing is set for him to rectify or ratify his statements. If he corrects himself, he apologizes and the process ends there, and if he doesn’t, he goes to an oral trial. If it is rectified, it is assuming responsibility for the crime, that is why they almost never do it“, Explain.

How much could the sum that the singer would have to pay the driver be? The lawyer assures that “given Viviana’s exposure and popularity, and three days before we start a new cycle, I estimate it at no less than 15 million because the offense is serious, it cannot be taken from above. At least pay and that money will go to someone who needs it.”


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Viviana Canosa will denounce L-Gante for gender violence: she will ask for a compensation of 15 million pesos