Viviana Saccone shared a topless photo along with a deep reflection: “I am a woman who loves herself”

Viviana Saccone (Instagram)
Viviana Saccone (Instagram)

Viviana Saccone proved to be a woman who lives completely free of prejudice. In fact, being one of the most prestigious actresses both for her leading roles in soap operas and for her work in film and theater, last year she had no problem being part of The academy from ShowMatch and submit to the ups and downs of the reality show hosted by Marcelo Tinelli. Since he didn’t have itching this summer either, when it came to accepting the proposal of Jose Maria Muscari to be part of SEX, I lived your experience at the Melos Theater in Villa Carlos Paz.

However, the most remarkable thing about Saccone was always his freedom to fully enjoy his sensuality and sexuality. After parting from Federico Palazzofather of her daughters Allegra Y serene, the actress had a four-year relationship with Santiago Garcia Rosa, a young man 25 years younger than her. And he allowed himself to enjoy his love without fear of what they will say. In fact, in the last few months she had been linked to her partner from the program ElTrece, the dancer Ernesto titus Diaz, and she made it clear that she would have no problem living an intimate story with him.

Thus, installed in the mountains of Córdoba, this Sunday Viviana decided to share with her followers of Instagram some photos in which she is seen sunbathing topless while enjoying reading. And he accompanied the images with a reflection on the way he decides to face life at 53, when in addition to his physical beauty he has the experience and security that the years gave him.

Viviana Saccone's post on Instagram
Viviana Saccone’s post on Instagram

Oh yeah. I am what someone called ‘A colorful woman. The perfect alchemy’. I am a woman who, rather than lose my colors, I turn around and leave. I am a woman who enjoys being with herself. I am a woman who loves herself”, Saccone wrote in a post that was immediately filled with likes and positive comments.

In early December, the actress was a guest on PH, we can talk, the program that drives Andy Kusnetzoff by Telefé, and surprised everyone by going to the “meeting point” to talk about the “riskiest place” where he had had a sexual relationship. Then he said that it had been in a bathroom in a bar, while in Spain. And, when asked by the driver if he was a boyfriend or a stranger, Viviana replied: “It was an outing with a Spaniard, we were dating.”

Months earlier, meanwhile, Saccone had spoken of his experience in Tinder, the dating app he had turned to at the urging of his partner Diego ramos to find a partner. “I never go in, it is very difficult. But my phone exploded with quotes from men and women inviting me to have a glass of wine, to go for a walk… Thousands of proposals of all kinds”, she said amused.

But, although she assured that at the moment she was still single, she clarified: “I don’t know if I would go out with people I don’t know. I am very well as I am, I have a job. I couldn’t say I’m looking forward to it. If it happens, great and at a good time, but I’m focused on work and a little on my life”. Among the proposals that came to him from the social network, he said, there were from invitations to romantic dinners to “let’s eat a choripan at the Costanera” or “I invite you to drink mate on the side of the road.”


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Viviana Saccone shared a topless photo along with a deep reflection: “I am a woman who loves herself”