Voluspa, the candle brand that all Hollywood ‘celebrities’ have at home

A Californian couple created a modest candle firm 20 years ago in the kitchen of their home. Today Voluspa is the leader in its sector in the US market and there is rarely a Hollywood house where they don’t light their fuses on a daily basis. His latest release is Forbbiden Fig.

Voluspa is the favorite candle brand of celebrities What Megan foxKate Hudson, kim kardashianJessica Simpson, Tori Spelling, RihannaGwyneth Paltrow, Eva LongoriaColin Farrell, Anne Hathaway, Jessica Alba, Jennifer LopezDrew Barrymore, victoria beckhamCameron Diaz or Halle Berry have made their devotion to the brand public.

Decorated glasses. Its T

Decorated glasses. They are engraved with beautiful reliefs inspired by the fine Japanese art of papermaking, called Chiyogami.

Voluspa was created in 1999 for the Arnsten’s (Troy, an engineer, and Tracy, a botanist by training and passionate about essential oils and fragrances) in their kitchen at his home in California. Today they are leaders in their sector in the US market. The key to your success? Double: its refined fragrances and exquisite presentation without sacrificing craftsmanship and a sustainable and eco friendly of your activity.


Practice. The lid allows to maintain the quality of the wax. Forbidden Fig Large Jar Candle 550g, 45 euros.

They explain it like this:Voluspa is the real craft luxury Of California. The exquisite aromas, the containers fresh, colorful and reusable that we design in house and perfectly formulated candles are the backbone of who we are. Our ingredients are rare Y exclusivecome from all over the world and all from excellent quality.

Soy, no. Studies carried out by independent laboratories confirm that combustion

Soy, no. Studies conducted by independent laboratories confirm that Voluspa candles burn 90% cleaner than soy-based candles.

Each one contributes to creating a unique and exclusive fragrance that is far above and beyond the typical candle. Our firm Now cult and lots celebrities are fans of our aromas. Voluspa has never sold a candle that we did not make ourselves. This is a fact that we have always prided ourselves on, and it is not something that many other brands can claim.” Name they took it from a nordic poem an ancient one dealing with the creation of the world out of chaos.

coconut Voluspa candles have a combustion

coconut Voluspa candles burn ultra-cleanly as they are made with a proprietary formula that blends coconut-based waxes.

His latest release is forbidden figa candle presented in six glass formats: six glass jars boiler color adorned with reliefs inspired by the chiyogamiJapanese art of papermaking.

Five wicks. An almost museum piece: Forbidden Fig 5 Wick Hearth Candle, 324 euros, 3.5 kg.

Five wicks. An almost museum piece: Forbidden Fig 5 Wick Hearth Candle, 324 euros, 3.5 kg.

the forbidden fig, Forbidden Fig.from the Japonican collection bears fig flowers, tiny creatures inside the fruit that are responsible for the tiny edible seeds that give figs their crunchy texture.

For the kitchen. By shape, its location

For the kitchen. By shape, its perfect location is the kitchen counter. Forbidden Fig Chawan Bowl Candle 397g, 45 euros.

The fragance sensual and sweet of sweet nectar from ripe figs is rounded out in this candle by notes of Sicilian mandarin, dried fruit, wild berries, midnight rose, white rind and musk.

On the bedside table Next to the pillow. that's the site id

On the bedside table Next to the pillow. That is the ideal place for Forbidden Fig Petite Jar Candle, 18 euros, 90 grams.

Voluspa It is on sale at Galeries Lafayette, Bloomingdales, Anthropologie, Saks Fifth Avenue, Selfridges (London), John Lewis (UK), House of Fraser (UK) Harvey Nichols (Dubai) and Lane Crawford (Hong Kong). In our country it is sold in El Corte Ingls (Spain).

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At the office. your size

At the office. Her size and her cap make her the perfect co-worker. Forbidden Fig Small Jar Candle 27 euros, 156 grams.

Gift. A sensual offering id

Gift. An ideal sensual offering for Valentine’s Day is this Forbidden Fig Classic Candle 255 g, 42 euros.

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Voluspa, the candle brand that all Hollywood ‘celebrities’ have at home