‘Wake up America’: The surprise to Chef Yisus Díaz that made everyone cry

Chef Yisus celebrated his 39th birthday.

Chef Yisus celebrated his 39th birthday.

Photo: Wake up America / Univision

This Wednesday March 16 the Chef Yisus Diaz from ‘Wake up America’ He turned 39 years old and with the complicity of his companions, the production prepared several surprises for him that made not only the beloved Venezuelan but everyone cry!

Gathered in the living room of the ‘Happiest House on Hispanic Television’, they began with the segment that each of the show’s talents has been recording, ‘That’s how it all started’, where each one does a review since his arrival at the show.

In the case of Yisus, who has been 5 years, He said that he was invited to cook sushi and incidentally promote the restaurant he had at that time ‘Ikura’. Then they offered to stay fixed cooking 3 times a week, and later be part of the house.

One of the moments that ensured that the most remained in his heart, it was the possibility of expressing to his parents how much he loves them and the gratitude he felt for everything they did with him. This is how he remembered the day that his mother, Doña Gloria, who passed away a year ago, went to the studio as a surprise one Mother’s Day that he was cooking her favorite dessert, marquise, together with Karla Martínez.

“We are fine”, was heard from his mother, who was undergoing chemotherapy treatment the first time he fought cancer.

But if at this point everyone in the studio was crying, it was nothing compared to when another surprise awaited him on his return from the segment: two huge screens where his sister and his father were on one, and his wife and two daughters on the other.

I know that on a national level people know it as the ‘happiest little house on Hispanic television,’ but ‘Despierta América’ is much more than that.my old lady and my dad emphasized to us the difference between a house and a home and ‘Wake up America’ is a home because all of us who are here form a home, after the joy and good humor of Francisca and Raúl, the energy of Jessi, Ana, Caritos, the elegance of Satcha, Alan and Karla, all of this combines and gives the essence of what the house is, which is simply the furniture and the roof, but home is us and I am very happy to have a second home“, said the Chef through tears.

And together with his family from the second home and on screen the one from the first home, Yisus recalled that although one of the most important pieces, his mother, is physically missing, “between you there and you here, you have been able to fill that huge void, it has been a wonderful year for me despite that huge void and I thank you very much“, He said and could not continue because the crying did not allow it.

As I finish all? With a big hug from his companions, those from the second home.



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‘Wake up America’: The surprise to Chef Yisus Díaz that made everyone cry