Wanda Nara and a friendly gesture for Antonela Roccuzzo, in the midst of her crisis with Mauro Icardi

Antonela Roccuzzo and Wanda Nara have a good wave on social networks

At the time it was confirmed that Lionel Andres Messi He was the new reinforcement of Paris Saint Germain, a French team in which he also plays Mauro Icardi, many echoes were made around what the bond between the women of both would be like, Antonella Roccuzzo and Wanda nara, respectively, of rather opposite personalities and profiles.

Now, in the midst of the marital crisis that Icardi and Nara are dealing with with Eugenia La China Suárez as “third in contention”, there seems to be harmony between the Parisian teammates. At least that is how it has been evident on their social networks. This Tuesday, Thiago, the eldest of Lionel and Antonela’s three children, turned nine and his mother dedicated a tender post to him that garnered hundreds of thousands of reactions. Among them, a message from the former de Maxi lopez.

Happy birthday, Thiagui. Thank you for making us so happy every day. You are a beautiful little person, with a giant heart. I wish time would stop and you would stop growing like this so fast, baby. We love you, ”Roccuzzo wrote as the caption for a photo in which the birthday boy is seen wearing a PSG jersey. Wanda’s reaction? “Happy birthday, Thiagui. May you always be very happy”, Wrote the media and likeó the publication.

Wanda Nara's message in Thiago Messi's birthday post published by Antonela Roccuzzo on her networks (Instagram)
Wanda Nara’s message in Thiago Messi’s birthday post published by Antonela Roccuzzo on her networks (Instagram)

Wanda’s greeting comes just after Antonela gave a “like” to a photo of Icardi’s manager in the middle of her scandal over the compromising messages between her husband and China. Despite this transitory good tune, the virtual relationship between the women of the PSG players is recent, since both began to follow each other with the arrival of Messi to Paris and after his traumatic departure from FC Barcelona.

Antonela Roccuzzo's like to Wanda Nara on Instagram
Antonela Roccuzzo’s like to Wanda Nara on Instagram

Meanwhile, Wanda and Mauro’s crisis continues despite the fact that it seemed they had reconciled. Last week, Nara had written an extensive post on her Instagram in which she gave her reasons for choosing to forgive Icardi. However, this Tuesday he eliminated him, while he decided to travel to Milan without his company. As he told this Tuesday Yanina Latorre on Angels of the Morning (The Thirteen), after the scandal that had them as protagonists the actress and the soccer player would have remained in contact, even despite the fact that the businesswoman had discovered them. According to the panelist, it was Benjamin Vicuña’s ex who wrote the footballer again and it would have been for that reason that he at one point closed his social networks.

He wrote to her on Instagram, that’s why Mauro closed the account. Wanda didn’t force him, it was his decision. At the time, it all started on Instagram, they went to Whatstapp and China recommended that it was better to speak on Telegram, because it is a more secure network. Mauro had the function of deleting everything after 5 minutes of talk but it is seen that a part forgot to configure it or wanted it to be seen because it would show it to someone “, explained the little angel who on Monday had a strong telephone conversation with the actress, angry because he tried to “Steal husbands.”

China Suárez, Mauro Icardi and Wanda Nara: the scandal continues
China Suárez, Mauro Icardi and Wanda Nara: the scandal continues

In addition, he explained that it is someone from the environment of Rufina’s mother, Magonolia and Amancio who passes information to the former Skating regarding the talks of the Rosario and the actress. “Emails began to arrive with a lot of detail, the kind that only China and Icardi can know. It is a friend of hers who called Wanda and told her that the actress was in a hotel in Paris and that he knows it because it was he himself who got the ticket for her. So Wanda is looking for evidence to see if they saw Mauro ”, he said about that weekend when the Nara sisters traveled alone to Milan -without children or husbands- to attend Fashion Week and in which they assure that the chats could have become a physical encounter. “And there is that Zaira grabs her with Jacob, her husband and says to him, did you stay in Paris with this fool and you didn’t see anything?”.


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Wanda Nara and a friendly gesture for Antonela Roccuzzo, in the midst of her crisis with Mauro Icardi