Wanda Nara and her revelations with the problem of Icardi and China Suárez

Wanda nara spoke for the first time about his couple crisis with Mauro Icardi, for infidelity scandal with Eugenia la ‘China’ Suárez and how close he was to parting ways with the Argentine footballer from Paris Saint Germain.

In a revealing interview with the renowned Susana Giménez, Wanda confessed how the problem was.

“I was, well, we are always together, we are a very close family. We were in the field. The family was riding horses. They asked me for a picture of the girls for an invitation and I remembered that I had it on his (Mauro’s) phone. Then searching I found a chat. Being a very well-known person (in reference to China Suárez) and being two very well-known people, it is obvious that versions are beginning to be told ”, Wanda began to relate.

The Argentine model considered that the scandal “is the price I pay for my impulse, in that sense I was to blame because before talking to my best friend or sister, the first thing that came to mind was the quarrel, anger, and I put a story (from Instagram). I always searched, checked and never found anything and when there was something he would show it to me or I would show him, we have that confidence, we tell each other everything ”.

Wanda assured that she was never friends with China Suárez: “No friend no. I had a cordial relationship. My anger was a macho look and I blamed the woman. Then I began to see everything more slowly and I said to myself: ‘I have nothing with you.’ I’m very old-fashioned, and for me a message is (grounds for) divorce”.

AND What did the message say? “I said things that a woman with the values ​​that I have would never have written and would not have expected to be told from the other side. They say many things, they also said that they had seen other things, they told something about Ibiza, we had never had problems of this kind in our relationship. When this happened I got hot and put that message on Instagram ”.

Icardi’s wife also told how Mauro reacted and what he said: “He told me that if we separated, he would retire from football. He was the one who told me that there was an encounter that was nothing, that it was silly, the mistake of his life. I might have thought it was all over, but it was nothing. It was here in Paris. The truth is that the most important thing for me is to have been able to sit with him and for him to tell me the truth. I understand that there are a lot of girls who live their freedom, their body and their way of being different. I would not travel to spend a night with a boy ”.

In addition, he confessed that he spoke with China Suárez. “The first thing I did was call her and apologize for that story that she had given was a bit harsh, not very elegant. I said it in a moment of fever. Mauro told me how things happened; he is sorry. And I’ll be silly, but I take his word for it. I looked into his eyes, we were alone, I believe in his regret. I think that’s not what we want. I understand that the soccer player has a million possibilities ”.

“I trust Mauro blindly. If it were not like that, I would not be able to continue with him. My relationship is based on trust. Everything happens in life for a reason. This had to happen, no matter how much you see, check, be the most toxic on the planet, if it has to happen, it will happen. It was a point in a relationship where you say, ‘It could have been one thing or the other,’ “concluded Wanda Nara.

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Wanda Nara and her revelations with the problem of Icardi and China Suárez