Wanda Nara denied her separation from Mauro Icardi with a video: the player’s strange attitude

Wanda Nara uploaded a video walking her dog with Maurio Icardi

His more than ten million followers were waiting for a statement announcing his separation. However, on the Parisian night of this Tuesday, Wanda Nara decided to share a video with which she tried to deny all kinds of crisis with her husband, Mauro Icardi. But the truth is that the attitude of the Paris Saint-Germain player when he saw that the mother of his daughters Francesca and isabella I was recording it was not what the businesswoman would have expected.

I walk every night to Tano”, wrote the sister of Zaira in one story, in which she focuses on her steps next to a canal that reflects the lights of the city and her dog happily running alongside her. Then, she begins to move the camera of her cell phone, to try to show that someone was with her. And finally, She focuses on the soccer player who, with a stern gesture, doesn’t even bother to look at her.

Wanda, however, continues with her panning, exhibiting the beautiful landscape that both were leaving behind. But, when he shows Icardi again, it can be seen that he had not even stopped walking and that, on the contrary, he had simply turned his back on him with disdain. So, far from denying the conflict, the images ended up confirming that things would not be good for the couple.

Wanda and Mauro with their children and their dog (Instagram)
Wanda and Mauro with their children and their dog (Instagram)

the news about the imminent confirmation of the breakdown (or not) of the marriage Nara-Icardi had come from the mouth of Natacha Eguia, friend of Wanda, who after sharing a dinner with her and with the stylist Kenny Palacios He assured before the questions of the press: “They will communicate what they have to communicate soon”. Something that, they say, would have angered the protagonist of this story.

It all started last Saturday when the footballer first stopped following his wife and later directly chose to close his Instagram profile. He had done the same thing last October, when Wanda wanted a divorce after discovering the calls and messages he had had with her. Eugenia Lto China Suarez, with whom it was later confirmed that he meeting in a hotel in Paris. In this case, meanwhile, some versions indicate that the businesswoman had surprised Mauro looking at the stories of the former Teen Angels and that was what sparked a fight between the two.

The truth is that, oblivious to all this, the ex of Benjamin Vicuna spent a few days in Madrid and took the opportunity to confirm their romance With the spanish Armando Mena Navareno, whom he would have met when he went to that capital to shoot the film Objects. The first to publish the photo in which they are seen hugging each other and wearing warm clothes, was the businessman, and he added two emojis: a heart and a little fire. She, for her part, commented on the photo with the same emoticons and reposted it in her stories, with which she ended up whitewashing her love relationship.

In fact, in the last hours the China posted a black and white photo taken from a photographic production that he had already shared at another time: it is an image in which he is posing sideways to the camera, showing the profile of his body. She is wearing high-waisted pants, pearl necklaces of different sizes, and she has no shirt or bra. And among the thousands of comments he received, that of Mena Navareño stood out, who in addition to liking the publication put the emoji of a pink flower to leave his reaction to said post in writing and publicly.


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Wanda Nara denied her separation from Mauro Icardi with a video: the player’s strange attitude