Wanda Nara explodes while they bring to light the last message from Icardi to China Suárez

Wanda Nara has dealt two harsh blows to her critics. Argentina has been this week in Milan to attend the trial for his lawsuit against the journalist Fabrizio Corona for some events that date back to 2019, when Mauro Icardi was still an Inter player. By then, Wanda was accused of having been unfaithful to her husband with her partner Marcelo Brozovic and the hearing has not taken place so far, although the influencer He wanted to make his explanations clear.

“After that article, which reported things that were not true, the problems began and Mauro was forced to change teams. At Inter they told her that she also had to change her agent, that she should no longer have a lawyer, ”Wanda declared as she collects La Gazzetta dello Sport. “I have five children who went to school here in Milan in that period. There also began the great gap between Icardi, the club’s fans and the managers. We are a traditional family and this history has brought us problems inside and outside the family.”, he continued.

“No one can understand where they got this false story from. I never even got Brozovic’s number, he wasn’t even a person we hung out with as it happens between friends of team friends”, he sentenced. The next date is scheduled for May 25 and Wanda will declare again in addition to Brozovic himself, Mauro Icardi and the Croatian Ivan Perisic.

Wanda Nara denies that she is not Icardi’s agent

The second blow that Wanda has dealt comes after the information that the Argentine media gave and that assured that in reality she She is not the agent of Mauro Icardi. “It is a well-constructed story that she put together to give herself importance, but when it comes to negotiating she is not the one who goes, sits down and negotiates, that is a lie”, revealed the journalist Karina Lavícola in The Show Partners.

Through their stories On Instagram, Nara has insisted that she is her husband’s representative and has released a dart for the press in her country: “I hate having to go out and deny, but in this case I do it because I already saw it repeated in newspapers in Paris and also today in Italy. I don’t know who said it, but obviously, since we are Argentines, everything that comes out of Argentina here seems to be a holy word,” he commented.

They said that I am not Mauro’s representative and, to this day, for six years I have been the only person who appears and who works for his contracts.. We are a family and everything stays at home (…). Yes, it is true that sometimes other representatives participate, but perhaps they are representing the other party, not us. In our case, the only person who takes care of economic interests is me. I spend my time reading my name with things that are not real and I want them to never forget that I am the mother of five little people, ”she settled.

Icardi’s last message to China Suárez?

From the program The partners of the show have ensured that the Paris Saint-Germain footballer sent a final message to China Suárez after Wandagate which caused his separation from Wanda for a few days. “I write here because I closed my Instagram. I wanted to talk to you because many lies and many barbarities that are not real have reached Wanda”, says his message. “I want to rebuild my family, I was stupid for doing what I did, neither Wanda nor my children deserved it. I already told him the whole truth about what happened “, would be the words with which Icardi would have wanted to end an affair that put his marriage in check.

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Wanda Nara explodes while they bring to light the last message from Icardi to China Suárez