Wanda Nara had a mishap in the middle of the Christmas Eve celebration

wanda Nara with Mauro Icardi and his children (Instagram)
wanda Nara with Mauro Icardi and his children (Instagram)

Wanda nara I had arranged everything so that the celebration of the Good night was unforgettable. From the early hours of the afternoon, the businesswoman began to share in her stories of Instagram how the decoration of his garden was looking, where he had arranged different living rooms, a candy bar, a dance floor and a special corner with a children’s house included so that the little ones could wait for the arrival of Santa Claus. And nothing seemed to have been left to chance.

Happy Christmas. They are my best gift. Merry christmas to all of you“, He wrote in a post as soon as he started the family reunion, along with a photo in which she is seen sitting in an armchair in front of the lake with her husband, Mauro Icardi, the two daughters of both, Francesca and Isabella, and the three boys she had from her marriage to Maxi lopez, Valentino, Constantino Y Benedict.

Both Wanda and her girls had chosen Christmas colors for their looks. The businesswoman opted for a long green dress and the little ones wore similar red garments. The men of the family, meanwhile, seemed not to adhere to any dress code, but wore shirts worthy of a gala night. And among the many guests, you could see Zaira, the hostess’s sister, and her husband, Jakob Von Plessen, who danced wildly until early Saturday morning.

Wanda Nara's request to her neighbors (Instagram)
Wanda Nara’s request to her neighbors (Instagram)

However, although the food was more than abundant and that was registered in the networks, Wanda did not take into account a more than important detail, so she had to go out to ask for help from the people of the small neighborhood of Tigre where she settled to spend your days in Argentina. “To my neighbors who know my lot number, I need ice”He wrote next to a begging emoji when the clock said it was a little after 2 AM. And then she used the questions on the application, so that anyone who could help her had a chance to communicate with her. Although he never clarified if someone took pity and brought him at least one cooler.

But nothing succeeded in dulling Wanda’s happiness. In fact, a few minutes later a storm broke, but she explained that the celebration was not suspended due to rain and showed how everyone continued dancing to the rhythm of Danny ocean in one of the galleries of the house. In fact, they continued with the dance until after 5:30 a.m. In the morning, when the sun had risen, it hit the wet ground.

“Good night are all, but today a little more”The businesswoman wrote next to a photo in which she is seen posing in front of the lake. It should be remembered that these parties are the first that she spends with her husband after discovering that the player had had an affair with Eugenia The China Suarez, that she discovered in October and that she decided to expose targeting the actress. “Another family that you charged for a bitch!”, He wrote then. And he announced his separation from Icardi. But after, decided to forgive him and recognized that his attitude in blaming the former Benjamin Vicuña Due to her marital crisis, she had been “a bit macho.”


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Wanda Nara had a mishap in the middle of the Christmas Eve celebration